BE afraid people, some little fucking microscopic, agility laden and Virulent sneaky fucker of a super bug has launched a surprise attack on the Nano , waffled, micro adjusting, reactive matrix-ed, chobham, Kevlar reinforced amour of the HAVOCK exoskeletal fucking frame. Its a sneakier little shit, but i fear, that lesser mortals than the HAVOCK may well not survive such a gruesome and emboldened assault..stay away, whilst we summon our MS ( Microscopic) Havock nano bots and launch our El Alamein style counter attack on this fucker, which is gunna have LONG TAN fucking results on these cretins.


OH..AND for all those WENCHES  out there, let it be said, ” MEN ARE NOT FUCKING SOOKS WHEN SICK”, we get attacked by the biggest nastiness varieties of bugs co’s we are the stronger, Killing, providing breed or SEX and its fucking tuff doing this Job, never, have I winged or snivelled or sooked or complained or muttered a word when struck down by a GOD LIKE BUG, its not in our MALE genetic make up…ITS ALL LIES I tells ya…sniff..sniff!



  1. Uh Oh, Man flu.

    Drink this:

    You’ll get quite a few doses out of this quantity. Stick it in the fridge and heat up a cup of it every couple of hours.

    Chopped ginger – shitloads
    chopped garlic – shitloads
    Lemon juice – 2 cups
    Tip this lot into a large stock pot of just-boiled water and let it steep for 20 min.

    For girl flu, a couple of tablespoons of honey and a pinch of cayenne pepper are mixed in.

    For man flu, depending on the strength of you shield of steel, just a smidge of honey and as much cayenne as you can take is the go.

    Get well, boyo.

  2. Hughesy, seems we dont have garlic, but I have been assured, the good boss lady will grab some A.M………OH THE PAIN!……:-)

    “Once more into the breach dear friends”

  3. This is not the end, nor is it even the beginning of the end, but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

    If you drink this!

    Two shot of Rum, one of lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey

    Get well

  4. How about:
    Step 1 – drink run until you pass out.
    Step – 2 repeat step 1 until dreded lurgy has been been felled by the rum.
    Of course you’re not being a sook.

    (Women Dealing with Sick Males Rule #3: NEVER tell man he is being a sook when ill. Tell everyone else he is being a sook instead.)

  5. Yeah, chicks just don’t grasp the seriousness and difference with Man-Bugs. Those fuckers come with Kevlar helmets

  6. You have my sympathy Mr Havock.

    I am at the tail end of a Man Flu.

    Did I get any sympathy from my lady friend? Noooo… She kept muttering things like; Sook! Big Girls Blouse, Take some cement, Build a bridge and other non-sympathetic mumblings.

    And…And… This was all over the phone because she would come anywhere near me because she might get “Man Germs”…

    Where oh where have all the kind, caring, compassionate, bringer of chicken soup women of this world gone?

  7. Lerm & Domestic..I was, DID actually go looking to construct a GROG laden cure, but the good wife pointed out, hat perhaps seeings as wez put about three different sorts of drugs into the system already!, we might refrain from Alcohol…..I DID TRY.

    OH,do you girls tell ya mates we are sooks..WELL I NEVER!..shocked.

    MOKO: We need to be educating these here wenches I say..Kevlar Helmeted super bugs….BAD!.

    BBA: Its a nasty fucker and they all went and got NEW AGE ON US AL, sheez, what ever happened to respect..yea chicken soup, toast and so on. BRING BACK THE DARK AGES I SAY

  8. I recommend Inner Circle rum, 150 proof. That which does not kill as makes us stronger.

  9. What bollox, who says that drugs and alcohol don’t mix?

    The same sort of wowsers that say that Man flu is 10% effect and 90% overacting, thats who.

  10. What is this thing that you call “man flu”? Must be a poof thing. Rhinos don’t get sick … we just don’t permit it.

  11. If alcohol and drugs didn’t mix, there’d be no NyQuil.

    Hughesy’s man flu remedy would make a good meat marinade, if not a disease cure.

  12. I back Lermie and Bangarr on this. My weapon of choice is Bundy O.P. Add it with anything you like.

  13. Bangar..Only RUM you see here abouts would be a STICKER..its the reason most Queenslanders are the way they are, well, thats an excuse for them anyways.

    CHAZ..mmm Kinda agree, prob is I also have these STOP SMOKING MEDS as well..we is kinda getting a very interesting mix happening. Now I just need to drive something..OH YEAH.

    Rhino:…Hey..I didn’t call it MAN FLU, thats what Mere Mortals get…THIS IS A SUPERBUG I Tells ya!

    YD: ITS…Different, I will say THAT MUCH!.

    therbs: BE ORF WITH YA!..BUNDY OP..bloody hell.

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