The boss lady and the two monsters have decided to venture on down to my parents place at Colac, well there abouts anyways. Its not simply a trip for visiting my parents, seems there is this WELL KNOWN OSE farm a little farther up the road..YEAH RIGHT, TRY FUCKING PORTLAND..up the road. Anyways, she is going to pick up my tandem trailer from mum and dads whilst she is there and ordinarily this would be great. BUT!, as she is in the commodore, collection of a trailer..TANDEM at that, before she visits the ROSE far , has me somewhat concerned, actually, i am down right fucking nervous….TRAILER LOAD OF ROSES ANYONE?…whats a bet…any money, she gets about 10-20 of the fucking things.


SO, I was laying BFB COMPANY before on me TV in the Study, when it suddenly dawned on me, down in the rumpus room, sits a fucknormous Plasma and surround sound system…….JUST BEGGING TO HAVE THE X-BOX hooked up to it. I have two days here, without the tribe, well, actually I will be working tomorrow and Tuesday with a mate to give him a hand building some more of the SIMON BEDAK Variety of Cattle crushers and weigh boxes for one of his customers. BUT, in between, seeing as the kids are not allowed to use the big screen for games…I reckon I might have to give the fucker a whirl……Its great being the boss.


10 thoughts on “HOME ALONE

  1. ABE: HELL YES..roam, roam and do what ever the hell I please…

    MOKO: I need to remember to shut the front door..neighbours ( older couple) have a habit of popping in…ouch!

  2. Seems like . . . .’Life was meant to be a rose garden’.

    Hmm . . .got this blackberry poison. Works on roses . . .?

  3. Xbox on the bigscreen! I can’t believe you were just contemplating this now… I would have been champing at the bit from the mere mention of lonesome freedom with an xbox and a widescreen telly!

  4. H hope you’ve maanged to get soem quality time on the 360. Must get BFBC. but then again i’ve only just got Fuel of war

  5. So after you hooked up the 360 to the big screen plasma, paraded in your jocks out the front and made some Havoc Mucnhies, did you at least piss in the shower? With the door open?

  6. Guys.. sorry been in and out. DAm its hard when ya have the surround cranked, Battlefield Bad company crackin, Beer and SHORTS..No undies here, alas I only got one good day in. BUT, 9 odd hoiurs on jumping on and off the machine was fucking wicked.

    OH and the ROSE ISSUE..well, wait till I tell ya what happened….DAM!.

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