Construction( Pondo) & Hygiene

Apart from chasing up work, looking on the net and so forth, the last couple of days have been spent doing some minor construction works around the Ponderossa. Now , for some time the boss lady has been at me to cut down from the front yard, 4 very large Banksia trees. I call them my NATIVE standards as, they have been lovingly shaped into standards, that’s a ROUND TOP for those not up to speed.

So, post Flintharts little foray into the chainsaw world and the fact that SHE, yes, thats the boss lady, apparently the new BREAD WINNER in our house, who, unilaterally decided she would do some planting, caused all this to start.


This of course up set, my neat Project schedule for the works, isn’t it funny how they have a habit, no!, actually a inbuilt knack for dragging your arse away from the current task you have underway and spending time on theirs. IT GOTTA BE SCHOOLED INTO THEM I swear.

Anyway, I relented, but only in the interest of getting all my tasks back on track. You see, the gant chart showed the CP, thats the critical path, those tasks, which must be completed in sequence or the whole thing goes to shit, needed adjusting. NOW, being a PM ( thats Project Manager ) of some note, I had also built in some slack time, thats those bits of time you have built up your sleave, for when the cook, boss lady, wench or portable cyclone, decides or for that matter DOESN’T decide in time, to alter the whole scope, OR, wait too long and you forge ahead anyways, having conceded the loss of valuable time and resources.

. ONLY to later on, find more slack time, or chuck additional resources at the project ( see definition of BUSTING YOUR ARSE LONGER for resources), to get back on track.

NOW, where was I, OH yes, CHAINSAW, so we grabbed the chainsaw and cut these 6 year old beauties down, crying fucking shame really and I was consoled only by the known fact ( known only to me), that I would in light of their absence ( see now dead trees) plant in their place some Silver Birches and maybe even a crimson version of some sorta Maple.

WHAT it did do, was stop me cutting out a section of the footpath, We did this with a concrete blade on the 9 inch grinder, fucking wicked piece of kit, both the 9 inch and the blade. Its designed for use without water, that itself generates a minor problem, in that dust suppression from the cutting is absent and the end result is concrete dust over every fucking item within about 30 feet, OPERATOR INCLUDED.

Having cut down the trees, we decided we had better remove the stumps, have a look at the chain…ITS DOZER RATED, hooked it up to the beaut ute and skull dragged the fuckers out. THEN, well we put down new garden edging, spread 1 meter of mushroom compost across the new garden and followed that up with three meters of triple mix top soil. I re staked her , yes, that’s HER fucking ROSES ( which BTW I HATE), and smoothed out the lot. SHOTS of the finished product shall wait until daylight tomorrow.


BUT, I got to utilise the Chain saw, Utilise the Jack hammer for the concrete, UTILISE the 9 Inch grinder, Paslode nail gun and basically got to destroy fuck outta stuff before then reconstituting the whole god dam show, with my own steam. Good thing have recently got an upgrade to AIP and Back up diesel power, which BTW has now been augmented with GAS INJECTION for Diesel running. For those who do not know, it gives you about a 25% increase in power and better economy. Not that Hav was lacking in grunt, just run a lot longer for less now really. Below are the various shots..


This is what it did look like, well back in November before summer killed the fuck outta me lawn.



Now here we have the POST DEMO shot.

Demo and reconstruction work in progress

You can see the cut path and also, the plants she put into the vacant area BEFORE IT WAS SCHEDULED TO BE DONE…women…bloody hell

Now we have the good stuff

The realllly cool gear on the path

AND finally, somewhere here recently there was discussion about work and Hygiene, I mentioned about a trowel and spreading butter with it in an Advertisement..NOW I REMEMBER..It was at Blunty I think. Here is a shot of me on lunch break and …well, the shot really says it all, foreign matter with food never hurt anybody, I think anyways..

These are Chicken meat from mem


4 thoughts on “Construction( Pondo) & Hygiene

  1. Dont worry about the shit on your hands. Improves your immune system being exposed to dirt and nasties. (Within reason of course – don’t go swimming in the sewage treatment pond because you’re worried about catching a cold)

    Front yard looks tops. Town looks bigger than I expected for some reason.

  2. Sooo . . .where are these trees? All I see are bushes. You’ve got a Ute. You’ve got straps. Yank ’em like daisies.

    Anything under 4 meters is not a tree. Its a goddamn sapling.

    You’ve got an 18 inch bar for . . .wot? . . .4 inch trunks?

    Havock, Havock, Havock (sigh)

  3. I dunno. The yard looked pretty good in the ‘before’ shot. You oughta be up here with the grey/brown grass and trees (but after a few warm days, there should be some buds and new growth). I do appreciate seeing some green plants and flowers, though.

  4. ARH..fucking computers..lost me replies..bloody hell.

    Doc, its spread out to hell and gone, but it is gods country here….Yeah…good roughage….lol

    Brian: OKOKOK..Bushes, I should have said Bushes…happy!

    YD Kinda liked them, but now I get to plant Maples with colour and some more Birches perhaps…YUM

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