Toady is the boss ladies BIRFDAY, yep, I picked a YOUNGER WENCH for me partner for life. WHY, well she was and still is good looking, blonde, spankable, smart, no nonsense and more than a match occasionally for old HAVOCK. Country girl as well and at the time, her old man when he was alive was into all things recreational that involved shooting, fishing, drinking the beer and so on. YEP, she has cracked the 39 today. We snuck out this morning and bought three sets of flowers for her, whilst she was at work. I did the full mop and clean down which BTW included the boys bathroom.


FUCK ME, didn’t they get a spray after that one, It did include the toilet too, gloves on, domestos out and ZAP. NUKES the whole little world of the bathroom. HAD the eldest get on the vacuum cleaner as well, whilst the youngest fella did some pots and the sink area. Allsgood on that front


THE JOB..Well  rang them, they have gone with another candidate from INSIDE, BUT, they have two more which they believe will come up shortly ( submission to defence), and want me to do one of them if I am still available at the time. Building maint manager over multiple site. So the short version is we missed out and need to keep hunting…BETTER GET CRACKING I THINK!.


15 thoughts on “JOB, Cooks BIRFDAY and CLEANING!

  1. Happy B-Day to the Mrs. Havock … kiss her once for me.

    Sorry about the job thing … but sounds like a prospect for the future. Hang in there buddy.

  2. Happy Bday to the Cook!!!

    Bad luck about the job, but it sounds like you have made a good impression there and some good contacts.

  3. Happy Birthday, Mrs Hav. You sweet young thing. Patience of a saint. Temper of an angel. Holder of the leash.

    Sorry to hear ’bout the job though. Still . . .maybe a chance? . . wouldn’t hold me breathe though.


    Naut: I think so, time will tell

    BBA: Thanks..I’ll let the little wench know..

    Brian: NO holding breath…onwards we go. Whats this..HOLDER OF THE LEASH..No leash on me…HELL NO. I do as I please, when I please, and where I please…After consulting with the cook of course, just as a courtesy of course..

  5. Happy Birthday to the Missus mate, sorry to hear about the job, but looks like you’ve left a good impression.

  6. Please pass on my felicitations to the Cook. She MUST be an incredible woman. Best wishes re the job – hopefully those guys will come through for you

  7. Hope you’re taking her to a swish place tonight..

    Bad news on the job but there’s still stuff out there. We even had some FM stuff over here, i can’t go for them as I’m not tech qualified.

  8. Yeah good luck re job thing, it’s fucken bollocks when they string you along for ages then give it to the internal candidate. They should just be up front about it in the first place. Regards to the better half. How many 39th birthdays is it now? Mine’s on her fifth attempt at turning 29, by my maths. Which are shit of course.

  9. That’s sweet, your still counting.

    Can you drop me a line at birmoverse at yahoo dot com dot au please


  10. Thanks guys..yeah we went out for tea, Nuffin over the top, just down yo the local IRISH if every town doesn’t have one of them..but the tucker is excellent. Took the monsters as well a,d the mate, along with his misses came too….Great night out..STEAK…mmmmmmyum.

    Savo and Orin…interesting.

    DOC, couldn’t agree more.

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