Surround Sound..I’ll bet you didn’t know

A while back we bought the rear lounge room a new big screen and surround sound system, I dutifully set it all up, that included, the following.

1 x AMP and system

Speakers for every god dam corner,two massive kick arse sub-woofers and your normal front, centre and so forth speakers. Not a bad package and a pretty good price. Then of course you have to hook up, the FOXTEL IQ system, the DVD / HDD recorder and make everything work. YEAH FUCKING RIGHT.

Solution, cough up 100 bucks, just piff that oh so fucking rare green slip at some other bastard and all works.WICKED.

NOW!, here is the new bit. Like most people, we listen with Dolby on, you know what I mean, and thats 5.1 or 6.1, IF, you are prepared to play with the settings. BUT, here is a little trick I was shown recently and the results…WELL, IT SHITS THE FUCK ALL OVER THAT 5.1 type shit.

ON you settings for the DVD player, find the audio button when the disc is in and Punch that button. Odd are it will show 5.1 on the TV. Now push it again and cycle through and see if the letters DTS come up. IF they do, leave it on that setting. Assuming of course your surround sound system is DTS compatible, which most late stuff are.


If you DO not believe me, that the difference is out of this world, flick back from DTS to Pro Logic and see for yourself. DTS, will turn your audio listening world up side god dam fucking down. ITS HUGE!…… give it a try, well worth the effort, because what this will do to the home movie experience  is fucking unbelievable…..


UNLES of course you pay mega bucks for some THX theatre the movies..but hey..NOT ME


11 thoughts on “Surround Sound..I’ll bet you didn’t know

  1. Seems a lot of bickies just to listen to World Wrestling highlights. . . and p0rn . . .not to mention Judy Garland.

  2. Dude, nice one, don’t mind the old home theatre shit myself. Most decent home versions shit on the average theatre system anyway.
    And yeah. Prologic is only meant for the old video tapes that ran it (remember videos ?). DTS is the setting you’re meant to use with most dvds. Also, pisses me off how some dvds you have to go into the menu at the start and select dts, should be automatic.

  3. All a bit too complicated for me H.

    I just like how when you press the button, it all works!

  4. MOKO: I took me long enough…sheez.

    Brian: OH you are sooo in trouble,, NAT will cap your arse..But I wouldn’t mind have seeing her in the buff MANY moons

    DREJ: The fuckers should advertise it better and YES!, it should be on ALL fucking DVD’s

    Lerm: The better to hear their moans on

    NAT: I did not say it, and I have NO IDEA where BRIAN lives..HONESTLY

  5. It could be sad day when I decide to upgrade the system is almost fourteen years old but still works a treat.

  6. I like those big old fuck off wooden speakers you get in second hand shops. I know the sound quality ain’t crystal clear orchestra quality but WTF do you want that for listening to AC/DC or V8 Supercars on anyway? We used to get the old man’s ancient speakers and hook them up to the computer, bass cranked, for playing driving games – bloody enormous F1 engine sounds – neighbours probably thought a plane was landing on them.

  7. Hav. Re. Nat. Buff – drool.
    Nat : “follow the Yellow Brick Road” cue ‘Over the Rainbow’

    Hmm . . .the Strawman – no brains. The WoOz was actually a failed zombie flick.

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