Fridays , Construction, Black cat?..I ran one of the bastards over

Well let me see, seems to be I wittle bwit of a them here of late. Fuck knows I could do without the aggravation, but realistically its probably only because I am one calm mother fucker nearly all the time. Glad at times I find ways to get into a ZEN state of Mind.


Friday, well I had to pop up to Ballarat to Pick up the UTE from the Gas conversion shop, due for collection around 4pm. So orf we toddle in the mates Jackeroo 4WD, arrive at the gas joint, and they are in a complete fucking mad scramble, trying to finish off about 6 cars. ME, being a ZEN like person waited around, unfortunately, well, they did not put the new converter on, but all is not lost, we will however have to return in a week and have the new one installed.

WHAT, really got me going was the brakes, they started locking up, thats actually, they stayed applied and grabbing the discs, which then heat up, expand and grab, add it boils the brake fluid, and we get more pressure. So here we were stuck in Ballarat, with the UTE, no KEYS TO MY FUCKING TOOL BOXES, cos I left that at HOME, no mobile phone, CO’S again, I left that at HOME. 40 Minutes later, after siting on my arse like a stale bottle of piss, The cars brakes have cooled and off we go. I actually managed to get onto the freeway and get home at 8PM, took a peek and it turns out the master cylinder was leaking, hydraulic fluid was bypassing the main shaft and causing hydraulic loc, or keeping the brakes applied.


So we ordered a new master cylinder, cheap..NO, trade price 260.00 bucks..OUCH, had it put on a courier for delivery midday, guess what, it turned up at 5pm. The Courier companies customer service sucked. Can you believe the gall of the operator, she asked me if I could RING the company who sent the parcel. FUCK NO, that’s your JOB is you want that, hows about another idea, FIND MY FUCKING PARCEL, not that many people getting goods here in the Marsh..BLOODY HELL.


So we fitted the new one about 11pm that night. The up side, well, I did some engineering work, Specifically we constructed some light bollards for in the driveway out front. I wanted the Stainless type look, but without the costs. Found some 75mm square pipe, caps and away we went. I sanded and then sorta polished the poles and then coated them in clear.

Bollards..pre production

They are all 12v and have now been installed, at least something went according to plan. As you will see, I put extensions on them as well, depending on where they were going to be installed and how much rapid set they would be in, determined the length of the extension. All are above ground the same depth, but they are 2mm think steel. Open ya car doors on these ya fuckers and see what happens.

Pretty happy with the effort actually. TODAY, SUNDAY, I went to Ballarat, actually just out of Ballarat to do some work with a mate in a quarry. BOILER MAKER WORK, patching and repairing feed bins. As they say, ” BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT”, so it was no biggie, he needed another bloke and seeing as we are not working, asked me to come up, PAID as well. NOW, well, we are now at home, somewhat dustier, somewhat more laden with fluid, YA HAVE TO STOP AT THE PUB on the WAY HOEM. Three pots each and off we went. No point in pissing orf the cook of course.


OH, nearly forgot, last night was seniors presentation night at cricket, YEP, took out the batting for C grade for the season, most runs and highest average…FUCK I AM GOOD. AND, it was a top night, Formal affair, got all, dressed up..Did I tell ya , ” I LOOK GOOD”, too….


16 thoughts on “Fridays , Construction, Black cat?..I ran one of the bastards over

  1. FUCK me, all that sounds like thirsty work! I trust you polished a few off last night ! 🙂 You obviously work better under pressure, at least they got you in the right part. Didn’t I tell you ?… shoulda boughta FORD 😉

  2. Don’t know where to start – congrats on the cricket award – Gilly is just lucky that you weren’t 5 years younger!

    When I first saw this post my eyes IMMEDIATELY flicked to the photos. And I though JESUS SUFFERIN FUCK “WHAT IS THIS ZEN LIKE DUDE ABOUT TO BLOW UUUPPP!!!” It looked like a nuclear reactor. But, a fantastic job. They look great. I tried to change the washer in the shower today and had to call my brother and send MMS photos so that he could talk me through it! That probably shows you where I am coming from.

    Stay Zen like NASH!

  3. “Seniors presentation”?. Must be hard work running up and down a pitch with the pads, the loose fitting box, the helmet, and a damn zimmer frame!. Well done.

    I need to find something to do. I’m bored being a student. Too much Xbox and not enough money. Sigh. Spent to whole day on it yesterday with YOUR kids. lol

  4. Drej:

    Yeah, the sherbets went down REALLY well, we actually looked at each other and ent” we better get outta here”, other wise it was going to get messy….Fords…lol..


    WASHER Laughed…Mate, I looked at them and thought, IF, I add a few bits some people might just get worried..not to say I have not loaded them with SPECIAL…STUFF..ZEN..NASH..mmmm

    Moko:….just got wheels on the frame..much quicker now.

    Yeah they gave it a flogging, I have kicked one off this morning already…and yeah, MONEY..source of all EVIL..


    Put a bloody decorative fringe around those bollards and they’ll open up a door skin like a CAN OPENER. (Jeez get with the plan)

  6. The bollards look brilliant, better than the boring things we are having installed at work at the moment. Are you going to make’em hydralic so they just drop out of the way when required?

    The question is though, why the fuck do you need bollards in your driveway????? What the hell is going on out there that you need bollards on a private residence?

  7. “Too much Xbox and not enough money. Sigh. Spent to whole day on it yesterday with YOUR kids.”

    Moko, having you entertain Havock’s kids are part of his plan so he can do stuff without interruption.

    Naut, don’t you have ram raid protection at your house? Tsk Tsk.

    Mr Havock’s next project is the popup tyre shredders in the driveway.

  8. Well, chief, bad luck with the ute-but good luck with those bollards. Your finish work looks good-at a casual glance they look like stainless-and yes, if they were stainless steel they’d cost both arms and a leg. Nice work!

  9. Brian: Child is right. I refrained from Fringes, co’s the cook would be the first on MY CAR.

    Naut: Apart from a structure for the lights, a marker for the halfwits who seem to have a never ending problem reversing out the drive and EXPANSION properties, OH, hang on. let me expand on that.

    Those bollards, set in concrete are ANTI-VEHICLE, they are also hollow. Pop out illumination munitions and anti personnel packages can be retro fitted. POST this, I want also, infra red illumination…Better to fight in the dark. AND…this is Bacchus Marsh, its where all people wish to come and live…gotta keep them hordes at bay.

    BBA: Moko is a great BABY SITTER…lol…Pop ups, and run way lights for the evac chopper. I SO!, want embedded lights in the drive that RUN upwards like a runway…wicked.

    YD..Thanks, yeah..that shit is NOT CHEAP!.

  10. Tidy work H.
    1 small q, is the lacquer UV stabilised ? – otherwise your going to be re-sanding those bastards every 12 months.
    Go the polyeurethane.
    Lights look V good. Was wondering why you need 12volt bollards before I clicked on one of the photos.

    Funnily enough I never queried the need for steel bollards in domestic setting – my mates park all over the damned place when they drop around. I’ve been thinking Punji trap.

    I agree 440c stainless is like platinum $ wise, and finding a trady who’ll take a bit of care while fabricating is like a needle in a haystack. Apparantly most of the good SM fabricators were snapped up by the mines – the plonkers that were left seem to be either too lazy or not good enough.

    A mate has had his bimini (folding roof on a boat for you land lubbers) back to the man 4 times.
    A very simple complaint – the bastard aint straight or even!
    What did he use for a square? his thumb? and tape measure – who needs a tape measure?
    He (the fabricator) had the hide to say “If you wanted a medical standard job I could have told you who to go to.” That man has picked the wrong dude to frack with.
    Methinks he’ll likely be walking funny with a (crap) bimini enema.

  11. H, I assume you filled those car magnets with concrete, and a central rsj core?

    Yep mate you are sooo Zen….. compared with a child on red cordial who has ADD!

  12. Congrats on the award Havock, you’re bollards look the goods, just make sure the Missus and kids don’t open your car doors on them.

  13. NBOB, they sure are, rare as rocking horse shit. Yeah, I got cunning. I went for AUTOMOTIVE clear….TWO PAK, should fix the little fuckers… that gives me an IDEA?.

    yeah, and I did not fancy running 240V and TRENCHING ..FUCK THAT!, I’m lazy sometimes. My brother in law, has his older brother on the coast up there. Does stainless work for boats etc, His workshop was near where Dick Johnson racing used to be..going back a bit, but JOHN still does it. Good work apparently, set if he is the one who has screwed up on ya mate. Ping me, I’ll send you the contact details if you want.

    CHAZ…a over 2mm, actually 2.5 and set roughly 300mm in ground.. o drama’s. IF THE COOK DOES, I will know. All of a sudden I will be showered with gifts and chased around the house. THEN, THEN!, i know somfin is up.

    Banagrrrr..thanks mate…I’ll keep ’em away..HOPEFULLLLLY.

  14. Gonna look good when it’s done. Then again they’ve been saying that about my head for years and it’s still not improved

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