Have you ever Looked up?

Have you ever just wandered outside, after dark and looked up. The stars, its all black and there they are, just twinkling away at you. Its big, vast actually, kinda hard almost to get the mind around it. Beautiful really, kinda makes you think, realise just how small we really are. Whats more, are we alone, it simply too huge to be only us, who created us, why, how, is there something more too this?


28 thoughts on “Have you ever Looked up?

  1. Go straight to your rifle safe – grab your favourite weapon (not the skin coloured one) and carry out some IA’s. Go shooting – blow something up. You are in imminent danger of a spontaneous metrosexual combustion. Perhaps you caught it from Chaz at the Melb meet and greet!

    The night sky, on a clear evening is pretty awe-inspiring. I think there probably is more to it too. But, I have no idea what. Don’t often think about it to tell the truth.

  2. Right touchy, feelly aren’t you? C’mon channel that soft, fuzzy, cuddly little inner New Ager. Feels sooo gooood dont it?
    Doesn’t it? Right?

    Now stomp down on that little bugger and get on with it.

  3. Lerm: Weapon Fires, Weapon stops, no rounds in the magazine and no rounds in the chamber..go on!…..YEAHAAA..We are back, Tilt cock lock look..YUM…

  4. Hav : Get lots of chain oil and check for chain sag. Cut down a few ton.

    What is it with Chaz – just how did he end up with this malign reputation? He’s not one of those Eastern convert guru thingies is he? Y’know – yellow robes, flowers, dirt marks between the eyes?

  5. BRIAN: …Not sure, I reckon the Major Charles Fluffy tag, well, it just seemed to fit, ya know. Him being all new age, ex pom and all that…….pale skin,….softly spoken.

    Hey, did ya know, he gets a manicure, well, its speculation really, who would I be to spread rumours….lol

  6. Awww. Mr Havock has gone all Thinky.

    As for Chaz… he is from the West where that Bagwah Guru fellow used to live.

    OK enough hanging shit on Chaz lets get back to ragging The Havock.

    Must be time for the Bacchus Marsh Bard to put in an appearance.

  7. Don’t mind the previous commenters.

    Yes, I have gazed at the night sky and I find it nearly inconceivable that we’re alone in the universe. Somewhere out there some alien being is likely thinking the same thing as us.

    Of course, the assorted spacefarers of the galaxy might regard us as the interstellar version of East St. Louis (a place to be avoided at all costs).

  8. Hav – lives in Bacchus Marsh? Shit that explains everything. Its either so foggy down in that hollow of full of smog. Poor bugger probably hasn’t seen stars in years.

    ‘Lights in sky? Preeeetty.’

    Err . . .he doesn’t do C & W do he? All that mournful caterwauling and banjo plucking?

  9. Chaz..you worry me, you really do…..

    YD: Glad to see somebody else has culture around here…THANK GOD!., east St Louis..sounds like Melton or Broad-meadows..or QUEENSLAND!.

    Brian..I will have a chat with Al, secretes out now…DAM!. I live on THE ..HILL, over looking all the poor folk and my many minions…thank you!….and I even watched WALL-E, the other day..fucking wicked actually

  10. BBA…IT WAS A VERY..DEEP..SOMBER and thought filled moment, devoid of Killin and violence………..Well, at least until we discover another world to kick the shit out of.

  11. OH..and NO, to C & W, cept that jumpable wench Shania and Hillbilly Delux..brooks and Dunn……wenches…OH YES!

  12. I tried. Got a crick in me neck. My physio will be in touch with the bill. Don’t ask me about higher powers or deities, I used to live in Qld, the only Powers I’m familiar with is that God awful batpiss that used to sponsor the Broncos.

    Just remember when you’re feeling very small and insecure
    How amazingly unlikely is your birth
    And pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere out in space
    Because there’s bugger all down here on Earth.

  13. Now that the Havock we all know and love. He wasn’t marveling at the wonderment of it all, just wondering which planet we can stuff up next.

  14. The suns you can see are balls of gas held together by their own gravity. They, are blowing themselves up.

    Havock, you are admiring things that are blowing and as far as I can tell dear friend, everything’s ticketty-boo, hotsy-totsy, situation normal.

  15. …that shoulda read “Havock, you are admiring things that are blowing UP and as far as I can tell dear friend, everything’s ticketty-boo, hotsy-totsy, situation normal….”

    fucking drought

  16. Doc, send the bill to QLD, maybe swap it for a bunny or somefin.

    BBA, nut stuff up…..but..BLOW UP..sheeez

    Simon…Thats what I wanted, an unbiased, cultured opinion….Money is on the way. OH, and I hope some fucking rain as well.

    Brian..its causing Havoc, I suspect..hehe

    NBOB…NASH..OH YES, I likey…a lot

  17. I always knew you had a bit of druid in you Havock.
    Come the Apocalypse, I’m hanging with you. When all those satellites are downed and the GPS won’t work, what we’ll need is a bloke who’s bothered to look up and figure out that everything is relative to everything else.
    If folks knew how important the stars are for telling the time on Earth, they’d pay a lot more attention to them.
    Boylan would know this – he is from ‘out there’.

  18. Hughesy: ME…DRUID..soem..HELL NO..I , well I never.OK, some perhaps ina far off little corner, just to keep the HAVOCKSPHERE in balance. When it goes to SHIT, me and Barnes are coming NORTH, ROAD TRAIN, MAD MAX, pick ya all up on the way.

    Nat: Yeah I knows we is..its just when you actually stop and look at them all…ITS FUCKING BIG..VAST..HUGE…, pretty to….so I am told..lol

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