WW Fanfic..Chrtmas continued: THE TENT


Two kilometers away, an entirely different scene was unfolding within the confines of a small 4 man civilian tent, sprawled out amongst a three-man sleeping bag, itself surrounded by empty Gin bottles, atop of one was a Auscam giggle hat, itself adorned by a red lacy bra and wispy matching red G string. Stretched out in the sleeping bag, which was fully unzipped and tossed back in a manner pointing to the previous nights frenzy, lay a young naked female, beside her, in the spooning position, in the blissful abandonment of slumber was Major Lermontov.



The warm body stirring beside him awoke the major, rolling over away from the young lass, he had not 3 hours before been banging away with quite merrily, he gave his face a rub, his hands searching across the rough exposed skin .

“Great, peeling now as well” Not three days before whilst exercising his troops on the beach, he’d gotten badly sun burnt, now, the after effects were manifesting themselves, no doubt, shaving will make it worse, he thought to himself. Sitting up and stretching, lerm, gave himself a scratch..

“mmmm Itchy nuts, time for a shower I reckon before the boss comes looking for me”, Looking around the cramped tent, he noticed it was already starting to heat up, his eyes slowly resting on the naked form, long soft strawberry blond hair across the make shift pillow, her soft velvety skin still slumbering. Like all males, he considered another leg over, last night had been exceptional, the young Captain from Logistics had proven to be a marathoner in the sack, more than a match for the now aging Infantry Major.

As a sly grin crept across his face, Lerms right hand reached out , placing his index finger on her exposed hip, he gently traced a line, slowly,………….. lightly running his finger up her side and under her armpit, before any response was detected . Suddenly the captain rolled towards him,

“ Sneaking up on me were we Lerm”, she fixed him with.. that! look, whilst her hand, slowly slid off her naked thigh and proceeded to work its way up the inside of his leg. Lerm continued to hold her wanting stare, “ I do this and I’m in more shit than a Werribee duck” he thought to himself, and Werribee being the main collection point for all of Melbourne’s Sewage, that was going to be a lot of shit he could be in.

The captain’s hand had now reached Lerms crotch and natural events started to unfold, whether he wanted them too or not, was entirely out of his control. As the major continued to fondle him, his hand had kept moving, watching her closely now as he traced a finger around and under her breast.

“ Dam and aren’t they a piece of art work’, he thought. His finger slowly completed its circle and gently flicked her nipple, “mmmm”, She softly moaned, an almost imperceptible audible sign he thought “ God I am good”, he thought, and he clasped the now erect nipple between his two fingers, gently rolling it in between his fingers.

Looking down at the captains handiwork, major Lermontov spoke. “ Captain, I fear if you keep this up much long we might just have a UD on our hands”. Immediately the young captain stopped pumping him, but retained her grip, looking up at her, he noticed the confusion in her soft doey hazel eyes, her expression was one of perplexity, sensing that Lerm was playing with her, she impishly tilted her head, whilst licking her lips .

“ And what Major stud, would a UD happen to be?” Just as lerm was about to speak, she resumed the stroking, instantly distracting him, the Captain was not going to play fair, she new what she wanted, and just how to get it. Iin a flash she sat upright facing him, her free hand immediately grabbing his balls and gently massaging them, whilst continuing to look directly into his eyes.

Lerm swallowed hard, the Captain was working him over expertly and it was taking all his self control not to blow his wad then and there. Blinking hard , he placed his hands on her breasts, “ Two can play this game “ he thought, and gently started tracing circles of her now erect nipples with his thumbs, “my dear, a UD, is an Unauthorized Discharge, or simply put, shooting off  your weapon when you shouldn’t”.

“Oh I want that Lerm, I want…it….all”, she said in her huskiest voice, whilst continuing to pump him. The major finally gave in, tilting his head back, “well, fuck the Boss”, he thought, “he shouldn’t miss me yet” and closed his eyes.

The new sensation immediately brought him back to the present, looking down he groaned as the strawberry head slowly bobbed up and down in his lap, a new warm sensation shooting through his groin as the pleasure intensified.

“Major Lermontov”, boomed Staff Sergeant Beeso, now grinning from ear to ear on seeing the two sets of boots outside the majors tent, one set decidedly smaller than the other, he continued on, “ Are you busy Sir?” shouted Beeso, now very sure the Major was possibly mid stride some young filly.

Lerm wasn’t sure what was worse, the un announced booming call for him from just outside the tent, or the bone chilling dragging of the majors teeth along his shaft as he pulled away, whilst she at the same time nearly choked on being caught mid act. Whilst Rolling frantically over in the tent looking for his underwear Lerm heard the young captain try and stifle a giggle, but failing miserably, “ Shhhhh” Lerm exclaimed, placing a finger to his lips as  if to emphasis the point.

“ With you in a moment”, the last was delivered more hysterically than Lerm would have liked, but it had been a long time since he had been sprung ON THE JOB, so to speak.


10 thoughts on “WW Fanfic..Chrtmas continued: THE TENT

  1. Great minds think alike H. As a matter of fact, the last blond (dirty blond, not strawberry – a minor difference in the scheme of things) to cause a UD was wearing red underwear! And better a UD than a Hangfire!!!

    Loved it.

  2. ‘now aging infantry major’ Ha loved it!!!

    dining at the Mess on Monday night I did point out to the good major that I of course would have senority, as i would have undoubtedly gained my crown well before him!!

  3. @ Naut – I actually have been courtmartialled!

    @ Maj Fluffy – I never got my crown; if I were to have ever risen to that level, a whole heap of guys in front of me would have had to have got killed!

  4. Lerm, should i really be surprised. yes the only thing quicker than a field commission is a kangeroo court after the fact!!

  5. Lerm: Hang Fire..I went…OUCH, swelling, choking and fuck that would NOT BE GOOD…lmao.

    Naut: Court Marshal, hell NO!, we are in a world crisis, I reckon our Intrepid Major and his fluffy mate, may well have other journeys ahead of dem YET!.

    CHAZ: I wondered if anybody would comment on that, there are a couple of other…oops type ones as well, but i chuckled when I typed that.

    BRIAN..OH YES..MAJOR, MAJOR, RHINO size issues.

  6. Lerm, you must tell the courtmartial story one day. My granddad face a courtmartial for refusing an order during WWII. He won and apparently the Brigadear that brought the charge was sent back to Australia.

  7. I can’t understand why Lermie is portrayed as some kind of sex addict. Shocking, most shocking!

  8. You sure this is fan FICTION Havo? Could read as live reporting from war correspondants on the scene… Actually that’s probably the Major’s next ‘mission’, some cute reporter chicky embedded with the battalion. Something’ll end up embedded in her I dare say.

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