Pass the Parade Gloss

I spent about two hours last night searching both the house and the bloody fucking shed for the parade gloss. NO SIGN OF IT, nuffin, taken by the fucking fairies AGAIN, bastards must have a big arse shed somewhere, co’s they have a lotta my stuff.


Well, the upside was the application of parade gloss to dress shoes, didn’t take place, thats saved the RSI I suppose, although..well, they look better after a dose.  For those not in the know, well parade gloss and shoes, that equals spit polishing and its a fuckload of work, but the results are stunning. They are also stunning for any motherfucker who stands on your toes as well, but today, we head off for the interview without having spit polished the footwear, just a good buff instead.


19 thoughts on “Pass the Parade Gloss

  1. Actually Moko, re-reading his post with all the talk of spit polishing, buffing, gloss and faries I think you may be right and he is talking about the mardi gras.

  2. Good luck with the interview. You know the family keeps moving things on you.

  3. hahaha, you’re a fucking funny lot you bunch, let me see, Moko, Chaz, Naut, Bangaaarrr and Lerm gest a pardon , well, hes in the clear. SO, ya fucking funny buch O ferals..I will now TAKE YOU DOWN, one at a time. Ask Chaz Miester, Charles Fluffy, who BTW will be Born in Paddington, yes, as in TEDDY BEAR, and I’m by no means finished yet……. No respect..NONE, fucking ZILCH, NADA…BASTARDS…HA!

  4. OH, and I missed that bloody green headed feral too if needs be..just covering me bases….

  5. Abe, WICKED. The interview went very well. They seem to be fixated with S, H & E and explosives and chem manufact do that pretty well. Good general discussion with the GM from Sydney, but I will not hold the Sydney bit against him. They contacted my manager for a reference and work check, not sure about the other referees yet!.

    I thought, they had already made a decision, well that’s the feeling I came away with, they, that’s the GM, just wanted to sign off. I could be wrong, but I think I have it. Fingers crossed.

  6. Aaaah Parade Gloss – and I’ll bet you shine your shoes thus: highly polished toes and heels, buff the rest (you can always tell an ex AJ by the way they shine their shoes. Or iron shirts or roll up sleeves).

  7. You always know a navy boy they polish the soles as well as the topsides.
    Good to hear H’man, the cook must be sick of you being under foot.
    Would like to see a photo of you vacuming in your French maid’s outfit before you sign off on domestic duties.

  8. CHAZ, NO, never and we never sook either. LMFAO, the other day when the big fella wanted to know what a sook was though.

    Bondi: Yeah guilty as charged. I Iron my own shirts, co’s the cook will not do it THE RIGHT WAY, ” WHY put that crease there”, just because, OK, like this, do that. But she never listens, so I do them myself. I laughed at rolling the sleeves, yeah, about 4

    NBOB: SHE IS, I took her to the garden joint today and let her by plants..soothed the beast. I’ll see what we can do on the maids outfit i reckon.

    Brian: Me….NEVER. I never bare a grudge either……….

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