I have put up with it for about the last 4 or 5 days I reckon, its not gotten any worse, but has had a marginal improvement. Whats REALLY bothering me, is a fella I know had a similar sort of issue not long back. Now, its a given, that being an ARTY type he is perhaps not made of as sterner stuff, more FRAGILE if you like. BUT FUCK ME, this pain in the centre of the chest, about the breast bone area is a BITCH, and it only surfaces in certain movements. For example, if you bend over and hunch your shoulders, but if you suck in a big lung full and push out, the oh so fucking big god dam chest like I have, its NOT A PROBLEM. Fucker better go away, its giving me the shits.


Maybe picking up that vehicle gas tank the other day, which still had gas in it, and tossing it in the back of the ute, was not such a hot idea…..Fucked if I know


11 thoughts on “Dejavu..???

  1. Lerm, that would be DOMESTIC work, mopping the fucking floor and that suck thinga majig machine……lol

  2. Havock, is it a sharp, pinchy sort of pain, or a dull, crushing pain?

    Hopefully sharp, which suggests something muscular and your heavy lifting is a likely, but transient, culprit. You could see a physio or a therapeutic masseur or something, chances are they can sort it out pretty quickly.

    If it’s dull, see a doctor asap.

    But you know all this.

  3. I bet your doc rubs his hands with glee everytime you go in. Thats the problem with kevlar, when it fails it unravels pretty quick…

  4. I think you need to get off the fags (I mean ciggies not what you are thinking but you should probably get off them as well, unless you like that kind of thing because who am I to judge someone else’s lifestyle choices just because they are completely different to mine).

  5. Damian..DULL, and I d get ya point.


    Naut. its been sitting at the top of my list for about the last 5 days……..’m thinking a Doc’s appointment and then tossing the fucking things and getting my carcass to a gym, or perhaps utilising the 2K bastard I have here at home. I very strongly suspect the fags days are numbered. Not stressed, but not fucking real happy either. SPOT ON.

  6. Moko, thinking about it!, haven’t told the cook yet either!..that could be interesting

  7. You’re getting up in years my friend, whether you like it or not. I’ve gotten to know plenty of dudes at the Prince Charles Hospital transplant clinic that thought ‘she’ll be right’.

    There’s a better chance of sorting things out if you get to them early. I’m sure your kids wanna keep you around for awhile yet. Seriously dude, you’ve probably been reasonably stressed for awhile and having read about you for some months I know you take things on board mull them over.

    Chances are it’s nothing but a strain. Ain’t worth the risk though.

    Good luck on flicking the smokes. I did a couple of years back. There’s no easy way to do it other than just.don’t.smoke. It’s as simple as that. I enjoy a passive smoke occasionally tho when I’m following someone. lol

  8. Get thee to a doctor post haste! Those chest pains aren’t anything to dick around with.

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