2nd Interview requested.

Well, we just received a call, they now want me to meet the General manager at 11.30am this Thursday for a second interview. Bout fucking time they rang me back, I must admit, I was nearly ready to ring them.


Big question is, do we venture in, in the same Work based attire we utilised at deer Park and wore to the First Interview, or,


Do we put the Suite on , go all official like, or


Do we put the bunny wabbit cam Pattern, DPM gear on, Cam cream, poo boots and stomp into the fucking joint like we OWN IT.


I do kinda like the last option, take no fucking prisoners  I reckons, shake hands with gun oil all over them, chewing a stooge. HELL YES!. or,


Well I guess its number two, hey!, do the Major Charles Fluffy type arrangement, suit, tie, all shaven and pretty, smelling good, hairs plucked from the nose and so forth. Maybe I should ask Chaz where he gets his waxing done???……..


15 thoughts on “2nd Interview requested.

  1. Harry … awesome … I’ve been sitting by the phone lately as well and it plain sucks. Take a clip board, take names and kick ass.

  2. I am with Therbs, suit up, and if they don’t play nice, break out the cams and go your hardest my good man!

  3. Naut…shit sorry, forgot about that one..DAM!

    BBA, I like the idea of going in loaded for bear and perhaps asking for some High Tech gizmos before i leave

    Bangar Thanks mate

    Rhino. Ta Buddy, I didnt know, yeah its a fucking bitch waiting. I keep fingers crossed for both of us.

    Moko, Flash Bang’em..NOW WE ARE TALKING…lol..LMAO actually.

    Lerm, Yeah, all full of piss and Vinegar I thinks,

    Therbs…Yeah, I reckon given the First was WORK attire, will go the Razzel dazzel path.

    Domestic. thanks. Yep, put on the Brute 33, oops, fuck, what is it now..hang on… ITS JOOP that she has bought me, flowery shit anyways. I reckon a Yellow tie, dark blue pin stripe suit and simple polished black shoes, just a hint of feral with the Outdoors, I am a mountain mad watch in matt finish.

  4. Chaz, Abe, BOB, Yeah, it pressed and dressed fr this little sojourn into our oh so green capital …

  5. Late to the party. Go the full hog. Show them you can do the top end stuff. Its just another test. But . . .be comfortable in it.

    At the end of the day . . .its the person they want not the packaging.

  6. yeah ya right Brian. I’m ok in a suit mind you, spent enough time in the bastards, but i prefer NOT to wear the fuckers.

    Good thing is, that I got some tailor made the last time we were in Thailand and they fit with CONFIDENCE…that helps, I already look GOOD………

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