As I sit here typing this, I mull over the consequences of me wandering down to the area in issue and capping the little fuckers arse, OH and any of his fucking mates that may well wish to join him at that point too.


UNFORTUNATELY, two things would transpire, one, I would go to jail and two, Well I guess I would need to replenish the ammo and maybe re apply for the gun licence as well, when I get let out of jail.


Actually, wether or not, I kick the fuck out of him, or his mates or shoot them is really irrelevant, from the near term personal consequences perspective. But I suppose I should fill you in, on what has been a rather interesting day to say the least.





It seems, that the eldest was playing table tennis with a mate, during rec time at his NEW SCHOOL. In wanders a fellow, who happens to be in a year above , which would be year 12, I will also say, he is just slightly shorter than my eldest bloke, but unusually for his genetic background, TWICE THE SIZE in overall mass.


So I will now explain the events, and I HAVE CONFIRMED the first section by speaking with the school as it’s on CCTV.


Eldest and mate are in the Rec room playing table tennis, in wanders numb nuts and starts giving them shit, basically wanting them to get off so he can get on. He gets told no and to piss off.


What then happens is Numb nuts gives the eldest bloke a corky punch and then grabs him in a bear hug. My eldest bloke manages to stand his ground and they then fall onto the floor. J, that’s me eldest fella, breaks the table tennis bat over numb nuts head and then gets up. Teacher walks in, stops the scuffle and sends numb nuts on his way.




Except, that about 30 minutes later my eldest fella and two mates walk out of the front of the school to head over to the other campus, he is then confronted by numb nuts and basically gets prodded to have a fight. J, says no, and to piss off and tries to keep walking.


THEN our good man numb nuts, walks up and grabs the front of his shirt with two hand and HEAD BUTS him in the mouth. Numb nuts disappears and the eldest fella rings me on the way to the train station. I call the school, explaining that I REALLY am not happy, the kids name is Muhammad and so forth. I get the OH, when I mention the kids name, both at the TECH and the TAFE school. HE HAS FORM I suspect.


Now this Monday, they front the year level coordinator and will then report back to me, mid morning when I go into the school.


I also placed a call to a mate who is a senior sergeant at the cop shop. GUESS WHAT, HE WAS WORRIED. I will have the eldest see him for a one on one chat, just to bring him up to speed with what can POTENTIALLY HAPPEN.


Here is where it gets really cute. But let me add a few more things.


Firstly, this kid has shown a willingness for violence,

He’s showed pre meditation, in waiting until they exited the school ground, but being a dumb fuck, didn’t realise that as the kids are in transit to another class at the campus around the corner they are STILL AT SCHOOL.


He’s has shown, that negotiation is not a tool and a strike first mentality.


AT about this point, I was ready to simply pop down to the school, find the fuck in question and beat the living fucking life out of the little cunt!. ( not a word I use very often, but it fits,).


It gets a little stickier from here on. FIRSTLY, he is from SUDAN, secondly, in the western suburbs as you will have noticed on the news, they have an extreme issue with elements of this demographic. I am not saying others are not also an issue. But contact the local boys and find out just HOW BIG AN ISSUE IT IS, its fucking big!. They have no morals and no respect for authority and are very prepared to CARRY.


They hunt in packs and when you have a 17 year old attempt to assault a copper, you have problem, but it’s a lot more than that, possibly a lot more complicated than that. BUT, that does not solve MY PROBLEM.  If you watched the news last week, you would have seen the young kid beaten up and having the shit kicked out of him by a Sudanese group in a subway/ underpass. Well that’s a mate of my young fella, yep, he knows him.


Yep, the kids at school are all VERY AWARE of this ISSUE.


We took him to the dentist after collecting him from the train station Friday and he has a loose front tooth, scratch $105 dollars, we’ll do the same next Friday for the follow up. NO nerve response in the tooth in question at present, but shock to the nerve can do that the dentist said. They are confident, it will be ok. BUT, I will be out of pocket $210.00 dollars as a result of this little urchin and I will be fucked if I am going to foot the bill, I do not give a crap if he is BLACK, WHITE, Green, YELLOW or all the fucking colours under the sun, the pricks gunna pay and if that means the arsehole gets the boot from school, kicked out of his apprentiship, charged by the police and his life goes into the shitter, then BAD FUCKING LUCK. Try behaving when you come to another fucking country, instead of acting like a fucking third world thug.


OH, and one more thing whilst I am at it. IF, in any manner, this little fellow makes a further move on the young bloke, especially after school and with any mates……THE FUCKING GLOVES COME ALL THE WAY OFF!.


12 thoughts on “Possible BIG PROBLEM at SCHOOL.

  1. She’s a tough one. Ya wanna take em out but at the same time you’ve gotta weigh up the consequences. Sounds like this prick doesn’t like to lose so giving him a flogging will come back like a poltergeist….

    …UNLESS, he doesn’t know who did it, or why they did it, especially if it’s done ‘cold’. If he’s there to stay he needs to learn his place, ‘legally’, if anyone asks.

    I understand the dramas associated with Sudanese. We’re getting 16,000 refugees from the Sudan. A great thing for 99% of them, but unfortunately a few ruin the reputation of the lot. Apparently they like machetes too according to one officer from Toowoomba.

    The other option is for your lad to sort it out one on one when he ‘stumbles’ across him alone….for the sake of deniability.

  2. I’m on my phone so I’ll keep it brief for the time being. Get the police involved instanta. Many of these fucktards are petrified of being deported. If that fails – ambush – secondary initiation and fuck offski. There are a few of these fuckers where I live – the prevalance of violence among them is huge. I wish we’d left the bulk of them to die in their shitty homeland. They owe me nothing, I owe them nothing.

  3. One word havock: MACE. It can be obtained. If not a small canister of ground black pepper does roughly the same thing.

  4. Get the police involved. And give the dentist’s bill to the principal personally.

  5. If and When the cloves come off H, I have been told that being tied naked over a large ant nest works wonders. Wear ski masks, don’t mention any names, and tell him that if his bullying doesn’t stop next time he disappears.

    In that case you need a boat, some concrete, and a willingness to go out past the 100 fathom line.

    In all seriousness H, I don’t envy you, I was able to avoid any of this bullshit with my boy. And I always wondered why given that he a little fellah. I since found out from one of his friends that he was considered a bit of a nutcase by the school bully’s and no one would touch him. Apparently he fights like a terrier and fights to kill! (his words!) when questioned on that he said that they had to drag him off a bully years ago that was almost twice his size, he had him in such a tight squirrel hold that the bully walked with a limp for days afterwards. To add to this he had a look of demented fury and was screaming “I’m gunna kill you” over and over while punching him in the face with his left. Apparently the word got around and was he left strictly alone.

  6. Only thing you gan be grateful for is that they are boys, not girls. Girls are much more dangerous – totally vicious, but without resorting to violence or hardware – they use their tongues to rip each other’s hearts out.

  7. Havock, if you can take anything away from this, it’s that your son conducted himself like a man. A grown man.

    Unfortunately he may be the only one who does. I wouldn’t expect a lot of back up from the authorities.

  8. JB’s right about your eldest.

    I think you were right about calling in the cops ASAP. My advice is push for a conviction. Get the kid a record and he’s screwed for a long time.

  9. Moko: I did weight up the initial consequences, its the POSSIBLE, down stream that tempered me, that and the young fella seemed to hold his own in the rec room.

    Naut, Lerm. My mate is a senior Sgt at the local station where the school is, which is lucky. They are now aware of it, but nothing official has been done. I have been aware for some time of the Issues they are creating. both in the western suburbs and further out, from discussions with several coppers I know.

    The number of these, and the severity, when matched with the lack of respect that has ben shown and a propensity for violence, is disproportionate to their numbers. Its posing a MAJOR issue for the police and community. What has not happened YET, is the media have not picked up on it. Its currently making all other demographics look like kindergarten shenanigans. Sooner or later, it will get on every bodies radar and we will, i suspect see ugliness. That doesn’t cure my current problem however. Only what takes place tomorrow at school and HOW HE REATS will decide what path I venture down further.

    Domestic, not a bad thought, I do wonder what he would think if I give him a mace can, being a male of course. Buts its Filed in the memory bank, its not a bad thought at all.

    Abe, the bill will go in, thats for sure. I’m with you all the way. Bullies shit me to tears, not something with which I can tolerate a lot of.

    Mick: Yeah, until this point we have been good. A couple of minor stoushes and he looked after himself. Migrating into Melb proper for trade school has brought him into a whole new world, for which he is now, a lot wiser. The Youngest, GOES RIGHT OFF, and knows his Taekwondo and Karate, from a lot of training. AND, he is almost as tall as the eldest fella, a little more weight as he gets older and anybody who screws with him will be in for a shock. he has a quiet demeanor, but when he flips, its nutty, fucking biblical is a better way to describe it.

    Hughesy: I wouldn’t trade the boys for all the money, I WOULD have a girl any day of the week as an addition, well, if we could have been guaranteed a girl on the THIRD, hell yes. I do envy JB and Flint and the likes that have girls, it would have been wicked, but was not to be. I got my boys. I agree, they are and can be totally cutting, I MARRIED A GIRL, well, hell, I hope so..lol.

    JB: Yeah, you are spot on, in that. He did conduct himself very well, which I am proud off and he has been told such. Background check is the next one being conducted, its a slow system if he has offender before or even its his first, but the connections will help on a specific path if required.

    Chaz: Yeah, they know, I suspect he has form and we may be at the station tomorrow, I have discussed some interim options with the LADS, which do not fully escalate the issue, but will leave certain people in no doubt as to further consequences if it continues.

    Generally: Well, We had a little session of father and son in the shed. This mainly related to self defence, especially with people closing into you space and grabbing a hold of you. It went well. I have never bothered instructing him on this, as realistically its not been required. BUT things have now changed. The main thrust of our session which will be repeated, was breaking hand grabs, avoiding letting him in close and a focus on vulnerable areas such as the neck area. Most importantly, under the jaws. the nose, chest and using his balance and the other persons weight for body contact.

    Rusty, hell yes, its been a long time since I got thrown around a mat, let alone instructed somebody, but he has some knowledge now, that when repeated over the next weeks will assist, if he ever requires it.

    Occasionally, its not just what you know…BUT WHO, you know , if required. I hope not. time will tell. As for our brethren who have come here from another country, I find my Tolerance for this demographic being somewhat shortened, realistically for specific age groups and gender, whilst being a lot more guarded. And that’s a pity.

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