Its what Boys are MEANT to do…

Well as you all know, we BOYS, thats MEN, mountain MEN, have an annual weekend away. Actually, its four days, with only two criteria. NO WOMEN and you MUST BE OVER 18yrs of age. Quite simple really. The group, has a series of ELDERS, I am one, no new people are allowed unless the elders deem them fit to attend. Might seem a bit harsh, but its stopped the group from spiralling out of control, both size wise and with personalities that simply do not mix. With the latter we have already for stalled some issues.


So on we go, now these clips are from our second year, we have been going for 5 now.

This clip is the BEAST we all chipped in for, it came ON GAS as well. It took exactly two days to kill it completely. Blew up the diff, gear box was SHAGGED and as you will see further on, well….we got pissed and trashed it. NO HOLDEN is complete without 05 on it. God rest Peter Perfects Soul.


And there are comments and so forth on each pic if you click to expand the bastards


So there you have it, some shots, more to come, and i thinks I’ll post a few less pics in each one, maybe keep it to 5 i reckon


9 thoughts on “Its what Boys are MEANT to do…

  1. Looks like a pretty solid event. I can remember your post about this from JS. Love the photos. It is tough to beat a camping trip with some cronies, beer, burnouts and guns!

  2. Lerm ,ehhl yes. I found these on disk, didn’t know I had them…mmm beer, we were meant to fish, but some numbat, blew the bait bucket up, WITH THE BAIT IN

  3. BBA, no , NOT YET, I was looking through CD’s to see what was on them, when I discovered these shots. I didn’t know I had them.

    Flint… we get feral, but the ADULTS, try and keep the kids in line, OH and behave ourselves..well sort of.

  4. Apologies for being a female commenting here, but I happen to agree, there is nothing like a male weekend for guys to go and sacrifice a few bottles, commit GBA to the odd car and if so inclined kill something, be it fish, bird, or feral pigs. You guys always seem to come back a lot happier, dirty, exhausted, broke, but happier.

    Enjoy, and don’t forget the camera.

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