WW. Christmas for some. ( a slight Diversion)

WW FAN FIC New Friends Cont:


Christmas for some.



The voice exploded in the busy confines of the Christmas Islands Operation centre, the OC of Task force Moggie, as the patchwork collection of units had become known, silenced all with the outburst,


Where the fuck is Major Lermontov?, I want his furry god dam fucking carcass here yesterday”,


The OC spun abruptly, obviously seething with anger, lines etched across his face, mixing with his reddening skin as the full force of his anger welled up. Striding  quickly towards his office door and snatching the door handle, he stopped Abruptly, spinning around to face the main ops center of traffic, the OC boomed again.


 “somebody better tell him, that unless he has been out single-handedly staving off the hordes as opposed to chasing crumpet around this joint, his arse is grass and I am the biggest fucking mower he has ever seen”.


With that, the operations officer, Major Charles Fluffy, briskly walked over to, two staff sergeants conferring in the corner, interrupting their conversation with a short address, the two staff sergeants promptly departed the ops center out the nearest door. Mean time, a scan of the entire operations building showed, that like the first crack of gun fire, all the buildings occupants had frozen in place, only now, when they were sure they weren’t the object of the bosses wrath did they start to move and function again.


Brigadier George  Bob Williamson, other wise known to his close friends as Guru Bob, could not only kill at 500 yards with his voice, but at 208 centimeters and 130 kgs, he towered over most people. Normally known for his quiet businessman like demeanor and not one to break rules lightly, the stress and a lack of females in the operations center had seen a return to his slightly older and gruffer ways of youth.


As he  deeply sucked in some stale sweat laden  air, calming himself down, he watched Major Fluffy or Chaz as he new him, purposefully stride up and halt directly in front, “no doubt about to impart some words of wisdom and Accentuate the Britsish accent, “this will be good the OC thought to himself”.Not many would have noticed, but a small upward curl appeared at the edge of the OC’s mouth, not a grin, but close enough, for Major Fluffy to proceed, reasonably confident of remaining intact.


Coming to a halt on his left foot, his right quickly stomping down beside it, Major Carles Fluffy the Third, Snapped a crisp Salute with his right hand, perfectly finishing with his index finger above his right eye. Holding it for 2 seconds counting, 1, 2-3, 2-3, 1, before just as snappily returning his arm to his side.


“ SAR!”, he boomed, Major Charles Fluffy reporting as requested SAR!”.


Chaz eyed the OC as a rabbit might a wolf, ready at the first hint of danger to steel himself for the possible onslaught, his heart was doing about 600 beats per minute, Chaz figured however, that his very British upper class attempt at pomp should shield him, hopefully getting the OC to lighten the fuck up, he thought.



Two kilometers away, an entirely different scene was unfolding within the confines of a small 4 man civilian tent, sprawled out amongst a three-man sleeping bag, itself surrounded by empty Gin bottles, atop of one was a  Auscam giggle hat, itself adorned by a red lacy bra and wispy matching red G string lay two bodies. Stretched out in the sleeping bag, which was fully unzipped and tossed back in a manner pointing to the previous nights frenzy, lay a  young naked female, beside her, in the spooning position, in the blissful abandonment of slumber was Major Lermontov.


11 thoughts on “WW. Christmas for some. ( a slight Diversion)

  1. Fluffy – fucking priceless!! Lermy? Who would have guessed! Glad to see GBob standing tall.
    Task Force Moggie – Moko will love it.
    Keep it ripping Hav, keep it ripping.

  2. Thans for the promotion; I always wanted a crown on my shoulder boards! Fluffy is perfect for the CHazmeister!!!

  3. Nah, if it was Lerm he’d have long since scarpered surely?

    I fear that if JB followed your lead with the insertion (ahem) of more rumpy pumpy into WW (or AA I suppose) it’d need a completely different audience rating. Still he’s been banging on about hot lesbian action at Blunty for a bit, we can only hope. 650 pages of WW and the only sex scene was nonconsensual – bloody US market.

  4. Naut: HELL YES there will be more. I have some scores to settle. Not that I am a vindictive person mind you….

    Therbs.. yeah I liked moggie…AND Fluffy.

    Lerm: didn’t know if Capt or Lt ya made, so I went for a company C.O. But wait till ya see YOUR company…talk about F troop.

    Bangar, Moko. Glad ya liked it


    IT DID, time will tell of course

    Doc…Yes, he is a pussy when it comes to pussy in his books, need to Harden the fuck up I reckon.

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