Other updates.

Well, the Under 16’s cricket team choked last weekend and fell short by ten runs, thats after a season of being un defeated, the boys and the Coaching staff were simply fucking shattered, then to cap it off we, thats the team I play in lost our semi as well. I got dropped to number 9, after spending the season at 5 or 6 and scoring the most runs too BTW, go figure that one out and let me know. Our Middle order fucked up badly, but lets face it, the side we played had two guys in it, who should be playing A grade or TURF, not fucking C grade cricket, they made 170 and 80 respectively.


Other good news, well the eldest fella has scored himself an electrical apprenticeship, which is way god dam cool. I see more Christmas lights coming up this year….YES!.


Finished up work last Friday and the boss took me and some other ferals out, well, lest say we got pissed, but not BLIND.


Utes looking good, passed the roadworthy, we have now fitted the hands free car kit, UHF and all else is ready to go, not quite a BMW X6, but I suspect if I hit one in the middle the WB will cut th fucker in half, safety rating of 5 or not will not save one. maybe I should take a spin to QLD.


WROTE a fan fic this arvo, been champin at the bit to get writing again, just not enough time in the day at the moment, that may well change over the coming weeks, so I am looking forward to blowing shit up, maybe with a bit more story and background though.


10 thoughts on “Other updates.

  1. That’s a shame on the cricket, chief. It happens-a team rolls through the season and runs out of gas in the playoffs. You hate to see it but it happens. The Cubs did that last year. Go figure.

    Good to hear about the boy. Electrical’s a good trade to be in. A good electrician will always be busy.

    Any job prospects on your horizon? Remember, there is always the Army. They might still take you back.

    Well, probably not…

  2. Shame on the cricket.

    ME and your young fella gave eachother equal servings of mass murder on Cod yesterday. Twas fun.

    Hazaah on the apprenticeship.

    Hazaah on the ve-hicle.

    Look forward to Fanfic.

  3. YD, If i joined back up, the cook would KILL MY ARSE, so quick its not funny. Yeah, the cricket, well that’s how it goes I suppose. But the sparky nit, that’s wicked like ya say.

    MOKO. I love playing the boys on line, its awesome. Started playing Vegas 2, Tom Clancy Rainbow SIX…NOW THAT IS SHIT HOT. Been having the odd game with Alaskan Warrior…or marksman man is not toooooo shabby for a YANK..lol

    Bangar: thanks mate..

    Naut / Mini..I have ping it orf to the Birmoverse@yahoo.com.au tonight.

  4. Shame about the cricket. I blame the pitches. Nice one one the apprenticeship. Better warn him about having to fetch left handed screw drivers and tins of striped paint.
    Get that story in!

  5. Bad luck with the cricket (on both counts) – I’d blame ball tampering! Post a link to your fanfic please – I have been enjoying the stuff that you guys write. Even if you occaisionally make the mortarman’s assumption that all LSW’s are MGs. Kidding!!!!

    STay well

  6. Therbs, I’ll have a little session with the lad I think, OH, I have sent it across to birmoverse, just waiting till our master has enough time to put it up. But at the rate things have been posted already, It might even pay to wait. Anyways , its been sent.

    Lerm:A mortarman make that sort…HELL NO. The link is http://miniburger.wordpress.com/
    but its NOT up yet,.

    OH, BTW, I have sorted out this arvo whilst cleaning up the shed, a second story line for rolling into the existing Fanfic I sent JB..Guess what…YA GUNNA BE Famous..not sure what for yet but!….lol

  7. Hopefully the opposition ringers from A grade will get picked up by the IPL – every other bastard who can hold a bat has – and your team will have the run of the place again.

    If all else fails, bust out the Jesse Ryder styles. Eat pies, sink beers, turn up half cut and hook everything you see into the carpark.

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