Midnight Oil & the Hunters & Collectors

Just finished watching the concert in Melbourne. FUCK ME!, wicked, simply the two best bands on the planet, well, I would also put Cold Chisel in there as well, but they were not there. Peter has lost none, I mean fucking none of his stage presence and ability and neither have the hunters, OH, if you want to see a shit hot drummer, just watch the Oils.


Redneck Wonderland, A FAVE, beds are burning, King of the MOUNTAIN ( after me of course) and one of my Fav songs of all time. HOLY GRAIL by the Hunters, I am a happy man!


6 thoughts on “Midnight Oil & the Hunters & Collectors

  1. So-I’m confused. Did you see the two best bands on the planet, or did you see Midnight Oil and the other band no one’s heard of? 😛

    I thought MO’s lead singer was Environmental Minister down there. Shouldn’t he be doing that job?

    Now Cold Chisel, yeah, I’d’ve thought they could’ve made it big here but perhaps they’re a bit too ‘Australian’.

    Just yanking your chain on the first bit. Sounds like an OK show at that!

  2. The mighty Oilz! Thought they’d be a bit feral for you Hav. H&C would have been a good show too. Was arguing with mates which show would have been better to go to, Sydney or Melbourne – probably Melbourne although the MCG had three things in its favour that the MCG didn’t – the Gurus, You Am I, and the option to bugger off next door to the SFS and laugh at the Roosters getting smashed by my Rabbitohs.

    YD – like all part time musos, Peter Garrett basically just blew off work in order to play with his band. Though most part time musos aren’t Minister for the Environment (aka Minister for Getting the AFP to Raid Sea Shepherd).

  3. YD, I would grant the Enviro Minister a weeks, a months leave if it was to go touring again, I reckon I might even put the Oils at NUMBER ONE…FUCKING AWESOME!..Still love’em

    Nat: HEY..SPANKY..how is ya..good to see ya..HELL YES one of the nest drummers around for mine. Th eldest bloke was blown away watching him, and Hirst is hosting a special I think its this weekend on Max, on the Oils too.

    DOC: Hell know, I fell in love with them, the first time I heard US Forces and it went down hill fast. SHIT!, the last song I had played at me wedding before we buggered off was KING OF THE MOUNTAIN..joint was ROCKING. And the Hunters, well, I’ll have them any day as well.

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