HAVOCK has Killed it.

Somebody recently mentioned, or should I say, asked the question: how mny ke boards do you go through each year havock.  Well I can finally answe that question. You may have noticed very recently, my posts and comments are missing letters, its only today i really noticed it myself, then went and did a spt of checking. FUCK ME!, tlk about lettrs not here. Then I noticed, with the trained ey of a professional siper, intellect of a genius, that I am puncing the keys harder an harder all the time.


SO its been done, its roughly 12 months, there abouts since we got thi key board nd I m willing to concede that its fuced, we now need a new one.

Does Pedders fit shock absorbers to keys on key boards, does anybody make a keyboard of sufficient strength and stamina to withstand my only occasional burts of outrage, directed justly at fuckwits oh so deserving????.  HELP


23 thoughts on “HAVOCK has Killed it.

  1. Gee, and I thought I was bad wearing a smooth spot on the space bar in a month on a new laptop and every keyboard I have used.
    There is also the fact that some keyboards just don’t seem to last long these days either. I keep a spare one on hand, might be an idea.

  2. Did the CAPSLOCK key go first?

    “my only occasional burts of outrage” – had me laughing in my seat!

  3. Nah Capslock wouldn’t get that much use. Permanently ON. And yeah I’m with uamada – it’s the sweary consonants which would probably get punched through the baseplate before the others yeah?

    Used to lose a lot of Shift keys in my Amiga days through playing Pinball Dreams – they were the flippers – and for some reason ctrl alt and delete got worn out quickly on any Windows PC I’ve owned, usually because of the frustration with which they were hit when the blue screen of ubiquity came up.

    I rate the new shiny Mac keyboards, seem to handle a large amount of abuse (both typed with it and shouted at it), but I figure you’re probably PC? (That may be the only time you ever get called PC in your life Hav.)

  4. Hav – that’s a fucking pearler! Been pissing myself laughing at this one. Get a military grade keyboard which is hardened the fuck up for nuke strikes!

  5. Saw an ad the other day for a keyboard with wooden keys. Just be right for you Havok. Only problem is I think you have to carve the letters into each key and assemble the whole thing from there.

  6. I’m with them.
    It’s been a pretty ugly day & you gave me the first good laugh.
    Thanks mate!
    Mil spc? I dunno, you might just b btter o buying a nw on ach six or ight months.

  7. Have a look at you lot. Here I am in trouble, now typing with the speed of a fucking caterpillar, with seriously fucking slow fingers, brain running at 400 mph and then i also get this shit of, ” CAPS LOCK, Mil speck, timber,, fucking cretins ROFL their fucking arses off, making a great day for ya bastards.

    BUT i take a small conciliation in being Called PC and a LEGEND, oops, sorry COOL!, at least somebody loves me, and knows me for who I am. A just, upright and sound individual, with steady hands, cool intellect and calm heart.

    BASTARDS!. AND this fucking key board is going south as soon as I drag my arse to a fucking PC shop, make no mistake about that!.

  8. Nothing as satisfying as poundiong the living sh!te out of a piece of kit that has been pissing you off.
    After buying a new one of course.

  9. My life has gone to shit i a handbag and this made me laugh for the first time in a week. I spilt a glass of red wine on a keyboard once and it typed e’s continuously and c’s and no a’s or three days while it dried out Now typing was challenging then. Maggs

  10. NBOB, I get great satisfaction…

    Moko…glad ya got A laugh

    Mags, Brilliant, laughing helps heaps, spech when all in the shit. Be good, hoop it gets better. I steer clear of ANY communications when red has been involved.

  11. “my only occasional burts of outrage, directed justly at fuckwits oh so deserving”

    H – go read my WW fanfic nd et me kno wht yo thnk

  12. A remington man – you need a heavy duty remington, Course, you can’t connect it to the web, but you can certainly punch the sit out of one of those babies

  13. I’m reckoning a few of those Formula One teams are up shit creek and are looking for a bit of contra work to keep their composites divisions up and running. Put out a tender for a carbon fibre one. Ideally able to survive being chucked at a wall at 190 mile an hour.

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