Well Nowhere Bob asked about my Wb Ute the other day, So being a Holden fan I figured i had best let him see the beast. its not that often somebody actually here’s the letters WB and understands exactly or generally what you are talking about. So here we go.


I bought the old girl from a Brickie for 1200.00 dollars brought her home and pulled it apart. it was fairly straight except for a dent in the rear quarter at the tail light, which was a motherfucker to get out.


here are some shots of the body work being done.

Now we have some pics post spraying the old girl. A mate of mine helped with the body work, then with some guidance from another mate, I applied the base coat of metallic paint, followed by the 6 top coats of clear. I was impressed so was the mate who is a panel beater by trade. We only gave the old girl a light cut. Its been painted in acrylic, its much easier to work with and nowhere near as nasty as two pak paint. Especially seeing as I painted it in the shed.


What typically happens if you do not have a spray booth is that dust settles on the paint. Given, acrylic drys very fast, but what you can then do is cut out any dust.


TWO PAK paint which is essentially enamel, cannot be cut. Correction, I should say it can be, but very bloody lightly and by an expert.

I re trimmed the interior with one removed from a HZ Holden sedan, which had be recently newly installed; I picked it up cheap. Then we installed new carpets, repainted the dash in tan as well and fitted all new door rubbers, window seals, windscreen seals and so forth. She now has 12 slot mags on her, a cd player and a new gear box.


Originally, it was a three speed on the coloum, thats been taken out and a new aussie four speed box fitted and a floor shift.Aussie


Powered by a HUGE holden blue 202, 6 cylinder motor, producing something like about 150HP. NOT A FAST MACHINE, but in a ute, quick enough.Holden


I will post interiors shots next post.


10 thoughts on “WB UTE, For NBOB

  1. That thing is SWEET … I can see a .50 cal mounted in the bed during the coming zombipocalypse.

  2. I’ll have to find a pic of me old 1971 HG Panel Van. I gave it to a guy who helped do it up when I first got it after getting my new commodore.

  3. Luverly. First car I remember the old man having was a 1970 HG ute with a 253 V8 running a massive fuck-off four-barrel Holley carb and a four-speed heavy duty box. Being a responsible new dad he replaced it with a HG panelvan (186 six I think) and later a ’71 Fairlane (mission brown!) with a 351 Cleveland and three on the tree. It was from the DARK SIDE, it was ugly as a hatful of arseholes and it used fuel like a Saturn V moon rocket but it was still pretty cool.

  4. Thanks mate. Very Nice Work Tiger.
    I’m not a petrol head, but I appreciate the effort & love folk put into their wheels. A lasy mate is almost finished her XM ute, really good (even if it is a Ford.) – just waiting on a proper ute seat – hinged.

    Does the noise maker fit in the tray? usually have to drop the tailgate.
    For a tradies beast they are a thing of beauty.

    Thought about LPG? You can fit the tank under, aft of the rear diff, then the spare needs to go in the tray, but crikey it makes a difference in the hip pocket.

  5. Does she sleep in your bedroom too, so she stays close? She sure is purdy though, in the after shots. (pssstt all the talk of painting and letters relating to car/ute are lost on me – mere female as I am ) Maggs

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