Well, thinking about pending time on me hands. Figured I might go get a Degree or two. ARTS, well..hmm, I kinda figured it was both beneath me and pretty much designed for pantywaists, economics or  I was going to say History there for a second, but wouldn’t that then bring the fucking house down. AND yeah, I KNOW HALF YA CRETINS HAVE AN ARTS DEG..OK. I would have too…OK!…shezzzzz.


So I guess I will settle for looking for work working around the house till the cook threatens to KILL MY ARSE , maybe a bike ride and the WR or hell, WRITING.


 WRITING,  It did flash through the head the other day. IT consumes time, I couldn’t understand why i had spent so little at it lately, then I realised I did most of it during footy season. Playing and coaching and watching the not so little monsters of mine consumes, WED PM, TUES PM, THUR PM and sat and Sunday AM. By the time I dedicate the balance of my resources to keeping the cook happy and squeezing in some work, there is fuck all left available even for a GOD.


Plan is FRIDAY this week to table the resignation and well, frankly see what happens.


15 thoughts on “THE UPSIDE

  1. Good luck, H.

    But I think u might want to hold off. I don’t know all the facts but if u are employed under an AWA or a common law contract and not as a casual then you might have more rights than you think. If they are going to make u redundant it is hard for them to replace you, let alone ask you to train the replacement. Redundancy means there is no job and therefore no replacement. It might be worth having a chat to a lawyer before you fire that bullet, just quietly. You might get a bit more out of them than you think. Particularly if you do have the wood on them.

  2. Or do I have the wrong end of the pineapple and the contract has expired and the work is going “in house”??

  3. Seeing as how you are being forced – in your resignation, list all the skills and experience levels that you would look for in a replacement for your job. Try not to do it sounding like a cu… i mean arse, but give them reason for pause. Mention that because it’s all about safety and explosives you are concerned about lives and stuff.
    Word has some great resignation templates online, that will help you do that.

  4. BFBC my brother. Got my Elite back and loaded up the new maps ready for some battle. We’ve just gotta get Uamada on board. New maps are cool too.

    See there’s a Battlefield 1943 coming out soon. Runs on the BFBC engine but set in the Pacific Theatre.

  5. Thanks Guys.

    ABE: I was , or had decided to resign, but ref your note and some further thinking / discussions I may well look for a lawyer today.

    The contract we had for FM services here on site with BOX company expired in or I should say at the end of Jan 09.

    We, that’s Brick company provided FM services to both the Site I am at now and also another one not far from here. It should also be noted we did the same for their head office in town, but lost that last year as they engaged their own FM and brought it in house.

    This is what we firmly believe they were attempting to do here where I am, as they only wanted a 1 month extension of the current contract.

    So leading up to the expiration date of 31 Jan we were in negotiation and no agreement had been reached up to the last week. On the Thursday we put our requirement once again to BOX company, that is: we were seeking a 6 month extension of the current service contract, a new SLA would be put in place and a new FM on site as well from our company.

    Now I was fine with this, because pending contracts would have seen a new one offered to me, but more so, because my contract actually states that unless I agree to depart this site for a new location I shall be redundant, eg 4 weeks pay per year of service after having been engaged for a period of not less than 2 years. We have now had our 5 year anniversary.

    What also popped out that THURSDAY PM, was that the other contracts had fallen through, the BOX company Senior manager in HO, who site above Box companies site manager here where I work and who I report to, had dropped a large list of alleged issues on site on the desk of our CEO.

    Somewhere in here the decision and agreement has been made to remove me and they will get a six month extension of the contract with the new SLA.

    What screwed the issue further was the replacement FM from our businesses resigned last Wednesday, BUT, the site manager has a mate who worked for BOX company and the site manager before. This fellow left BOX company in about the middle of last year but is familiar with the site.

    Hence, they informed me Yesterday, that two weeks is about it, as 1 will be for employing him in our company and one to train him or bring him up to speed on site.

    Now. I have not had any letters for poor performance, no WARNING or discipline letters, have been tardy with the monthly reports over the last 4 months, ( one of 4 submitted ), which is a three page document. We are 90K under budget YTD, that’s BOX companies Fin year starting at 1 October 08. No SHE incidents against me this year and 1 for the last 5 years, which was a security guard falling of a chair and injuring himself.


    The questions now are.

    Why have they not moved on me already?. If I had the good on the person, I would be simply making the call, actually I would anyway and settle if required. BUT.

    I think, they do not and are really hoping I resign. I am not PERFECT, but my performance reviews have all been good as well

  6. Arts degrees aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on!!

    Whilst it’s a nice idea to do a degree you’ll enjoy in this market better to do something that will help you.

    I’d advise a project management course, that way you’ll get some academic quals to go with your experience.

  7. Gentlemen, it shall be a cold day in hell at present before I return to an edumication institution. Mick, I take the piss out of the engineers we have here on site, ON A VERY REGULAR BASIS.

    Chaz, done that, and the Fm and Risk management.

    Nah, any further studies will bee related to literary efforts.. very selfish I am. OH, possibly also , because I need help in that area BADLY.

  8. Hav – a good idea to look at the legals, especially if there’s the possibility of a redundancy payout.
    On a similar note I just found out our client is doing some pricing for Singapore and may include our operation in that. Could be good, could be bad, but we’d have a few months yet. Locally, the client likes us and finally that’s where our future will be decided. And they’re still not interested in my cost reduction strategies so we have that in the ammo bunker.
    Good luck.

  9. Hmmm, the more I read the less I would be resigning. If they make you redundant then they have to be careful how they replace you.

    Sounds like they are just trying to move you on both as a scapgoat and so this bloke can get his mate in.

  10. Sounds like they are just trying to move you on both as a scapgoat and so this bloke can get his mate in.

    chaz…spot on

    therbs: we are looking at it.

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