The GOOD and the BAD

Well, the boss of the MOB that I work for came an seen me this morning. generally all is good and going according to plan. EXCEPT, that the fellow they had slated to replace me in about a month or two has resigned as of last Wednesday, they now find they have no spare bodies with which to back fill my position when they try and shaft me MORE.


That was until he continued on. The site manager who is an employee of the COMPANY we are Contracted to work for has a mate, who happened to work with him on site many moons ago, left the COMPANY at the middle of last year and is immediately available.




Um, the boss of my mob looks around the office then back at me. ” ABOUT TWO WEEKS, thats, one from now, and one to get up to speed on site with you”.


I fliped internally, then went, ” YOU ARE JOKING, how do you find work in that short space of time, can you buy more”.


NO!, thats about as long as we can delay it.  I pondered this for a bit then delivered the following.

If i have this right, I either resign inside of the two weeks or you will terminate me, then put this felow in my chair”, I got a yep and a nod.

I decided to bare the fangs a little, up until this point, I have been a model employee and lets face it, I am not one to burn bridges with employers, I thinks unless you REALLLLLLLLY have to its bad for business.


Well, If that fucking prick sticks any more knives in me, they come after me earlier or any more shit comes my way at all, the fucking gloves will come off. I know where all the skeletons are in this place and at ours and I will tip a BIG BUCKET OF SHIT ON BOTH.


Now the boss was a littel shocked, ” Lets not be hasty”. he said.


MATE!, I have been good right up till now, but have had it to here ( hold hand under nose).


The q is, do I rsign and give four weeks notice, or let them make the first move and put something in writing, ( the boss is helping me look, HOW VERY GENEROUS), and  then when they move, make MINE!.


17 thoughts on “The GOOD and the BAD

  1. Oh, man. Sounds like they want you around long enough to train the new guy.

    I don’t know about some of your labor laws there, but I’d be for the four weeks’ notice (if they have to pay you for the whole 4 weeks). You probably won’t win a pissing contest with the company.

  2. It would depend a little on how you are employed. Can they legally terminate you, are they going to make you redundant or are you a subby?

    Obviously a redundancy is the best move as it should be the biggest payout. If that is not an option then you will be eligible for unemployment benefits quicker if you are terminated.

    If you give 4 weeks notice then they will have to pay you the whole lot even if they let you go after 2 weeks.

    I would lean towards termination personally, make them come to you and explain face to face why they are getting rid of you.

    Sounds like a tough one!

    I don’t understand how they can replace you with one human type person, are they getting robots to make up the difference?

    Good luck mate!

  3. YD, its starting to be my Preference. I can always get EVEN later at a time of my choosing as well. But yes, it makes them pay me the four weeks as a minimum. And the ews channel would love to know what I do. lol

  4. I’d go for giving them the four weeks notice. You generally feel better if you make the move yourself and start to control things.
    Its fucking hard though.

  5. Yeah its terminate, but with no real cause other than they have given to to company X’s demands and wants for a cheaper FM on site. As well, given the shit fight between our CEO and their property manager, somebody had to have the pile of lame arese excuse dumped at thier feet. GUESS WHO.

    I am no angel, but aside from being tardy with my monthly reoprts to a bloke two office down from me in the same building over the last 4 months, all has been good.

    I was telling CHAZ, since OCT 08 last year, I have pulled 340K from the fixed costs budget on services

  6. ?
    I must be late to this, what’s going on H? How come they are replacing you while you are still there?
    Did you fuck up? 🙂
    Do you have the pox?

  7. Mick, they have a new site manager, who is out to slash and burn. The mob I work for were making V GOOD money each month, contract expired and they want the 6 month extension and then hopefully an on going one after that. ALL was peachy until two months ago. they were lokking at bring it in house but we forced their hand a bit.


    Just finished talking to an ex boss ( ceo ). Inclined to resign, they will if they have brain finish me up asap, but I walk with Rep intact and will circle to get the fcuers later

  8. Um, NBOB, trip to the bloke who DECIDES about the BIG HOUSE and well, lets see.

    Enviro X
    Explosives X
    Security x
    the more I think the less ticks they get

  9. H I think thats rather unfair thing to say. Just because none of the padlocks to the explosive stores aren’t even remotely up to standard. And most of the clay in the pits is cracked and they’re leaking into the water table and just because you have pointed this out to them AND they’ve said forget about doesn’t mean they’re bad people!!!!

  10. This sounds really rooted H. Could you tee up a deal with someone who could sue them and then split the proceeds? I’d be inclined to fuck them over. Drop a sexual harassment claim on them or some religous dicrimnation notice and let them pay you to make it go away. You’ve saved them 340k – it is only fair!

  11. On the bright side mate, no worries about you turning soft based on this. Now go out there and rip someone a new arsehole. If they think they’re going to use you as training muppet in chief for a week then plant their size 12s on your arse, they’re fucking kidding themselves. Take your dignity and your four weeks notice and get out of the place.

  12. Havock if you’re going to be shafted may as well get as much from them as possible. As to training the new guy, Oh the fun you can have.

  13. If you want to blow a whistle just give Barnes a call…

    I am sure he can make their life hell for a long time.

    In real life that is.

  14. Chaz..LMAO..what, that!, NEVAAAAAAR

    Lerm, In this life or the next, I shall have my vengeance. OH YES, I WILL!. FUCKERS

    Dr Y: We are about at that point. I think I will be handing in the resignation Friday.

    Bangar: Good Thought, espesh as he is a Muppet mate of the site manager.

    GBOB. OH BARNES knows the joint, but not all the nasties…….YET!

  15. yep H resign, don’t train the new fucka! No way!
    Remember revenge is a dish best served cold!


  16. Um if they make u redundant, I think it is hard for them to replace you, as the position should no longer exist. I would get a lawyer, cos u might be able to hit them up for a lot more just to go quietly.

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