Would this work. to HELP THE FIRE VICTIMS.

I have over the last few days been thing about this and how one would make it work, some thought on issues etc. I guess like a lot of people, money is one thing that will help the fire victims. But I have noticed as I am sure everybody has, that the level of Destruction is HUGE and requires cleaning up So here goes, my idea.


The 9th of March which is just on 4 weeks away, is our labour day long weekend. I have picked this for that very purpose. Could we organise for all machinery operators such as Bobcats, excavators and the like that are readily transportable to head into those destroyed towns and help, maybe donate their machine and time, to get the clean up underway. You know, lets start at the houses and so forth, I am sure we could also get truck drivers ( tippers ) as well and start loading out all the rubbish from these destroyed farms, houses and town ships. Maybe a co ordinated register, I was thinking of taking this to a radio station and seeing where we can take it.

But a couple of questions.

Do insurance assessors need to see the property first Where do we dump the material If we cannot dump it, at least we can pile it up for removal later on Maybe we get some Fuel distribution companies like shell or caltex and so on, to have tankers with diesel there for the operators as well.

Do we get the operators to register , maybe list the towns in each are and have staging points, then joe blow can say I will be at X town on Saturday AM, I can donate a day or two or whatever.

The houses should all be safe for removal in 3 to 4 weeks.

WHAT ELSE. I am keen to get this to a radio station asap and have some more input as well.

PS, let me know if I am totally off base with this too will ya.


23 thoughts on “Would this work. to HELP THE FIRE VICTIMS.

  1. Sounds like a cracker of an idea to me H.

    With the financial situation there may be many people who don’t feel that can ca$h up for a donation, but for the same reason have heavy gear that is not in full use.
    Lots of people are thinking “what can I do to help?”
    You may have just proposed a good idea.

    Perhaps an insurance Co. could get some PR runs on the board (before the inevitable sledging) by stumping up with some kind of “work cover” type coverage for volunteers.

    Perhaps on an online bulletin board type set up, offer the services & families who are ready for it could request X or Y support.

    Sorry to say it but.
    You MUST work inside the Vic Gov R & R structure & be cool with the apparant burocratic hurdles.
    They are good folk who are doing things that way for good – but sometimes hard to fathom- reasons.
    Like the Centerlink plonkers – they were only following protocols, now they are being publicly villified for following proceedures.
    Brickbats for Brumby who on the fly countermanded P.C plod’s road blocks – again in place for good reasons.
    frustrating, but thats what happens in multi agency deals hopefully the C&C structure will sort itself out over the next few days.

  2. I have offered a mate and his neighbours who lost their houses my labour and also to chase up some more labour probably from the footy club. It is purely dumb clean up labour.

    There is already an organisation co-ordinating skilled volunteer labour, you can find it here


    As admirable as your idea is, if it isn’t properly co-ordinated you won’t maximise the effort. It probably would be most efficient stagged rather than all at once.

  3. Naut, thanks, I do not wish to do it, but pass it along, like you say, its needs a lot of co ordination.

  4. Yeah not a bad idea Havock. You need some sort of industry network to broadcast it though. Radio is a good start but try and get some momentum before you take it there I reckon.

    I’d be more than happy to work on your crew if you go up H but I cant do March 9th cos I’m in Tas for a wedding that weekend.

  5. Warning on the radio this morning about asbestos in the ruins, probably worth thinking about if anyone gets involved.

  6. Thanks Guys. I have calls into Alex Fraser demo, to speak with their GM, They specialise in this and co ord is a big one. On the PPE / Asbestos front I know from an Immediate perspective that masks are being Provided and Have had an Initial discussion with BOC on Masks and overalls etc. Left a message at one of the radio station Producers here as well.

    Now I need to track down somebody in the Insurance council of Australia and get a feel for Insurance clean up issues, verification , then its a Disposal prob, which I am hoping AF will be able to assist with.

    To give you an idea. I was looking for about 500 odd Bobcats and excavators, plus truck and dog operators and maybe AF as well, split them around to various localities.

    Its a LOT more complicated than just that, but the ball has been tossed, so we will see where we end up.

  7. I’d write up the proposal then email it to everyone. The PM, the Premier, your local members(s) the media (all the TV channels and radio stations especially 3AW). Someone should catch on to it.

    Has anyone heard from Bangar? Is he ok?

  8. I like the idea, but as has already been said it would be quite frustrating as the beurocracy must have it’s pound of flesh.

  9. It does sound a good idea – but the co-ord would be a nightmare. And there are already some stories coming back about some beaurocratic nightmares. Naut is probably right in that the outcomes would be maximised if it were staged. Good luck with this H – it is very worthy

  10. I was talking to a sparky that lives up my way and is building a house. The council refused him permission to remove a number of trees. He reckons once he gets his cert of occupancy, the trees will be coming out permission or not.

    One of his established neighbours has been arguing with the council re trees that overhang his house. The trees have actually been marked by the council so he doesn’t remove them. Needless to say, they got dozered Monday morning. If the council try to fine they would want to be wearing a helmet.

  11. Lerm, ITS FUCKING HUGE, just finished mapping it out on my white board. But we arre still at it.

    Chaz, make me think about Strapping greenies to trees, its Simple, clear the god dam bush from your house and you have a CHANCE. Its not rocket science.


    I have a line into a Minister here for the red tape, called Sims, cleanawy, Boc, Frasers and our responses have been GOOD> will know more later today and Monday, but we have not had a NO yet. . Now I have to write up the whole thing and what we perceive the plan to be at this point and get some e/mails out. then its off to the minister.

  12. Naut, check out the link chaz put in here. Same issue. Fuckers want hanging.

  13. Hell yes, just wait. There WILL BE RETRIBUTION, the back lash is gather pace I fear.

  14. Hav – bloody good idea. Really really big co-ord job but that’s where planning comes in – logistics, access, road capacity, food & shelter, traffic management, first aid etc etc etc, sounds like you’re covering all bases.
    Keep pushing and it will happen.
    Nice work, mate!

  15. I won’t take my tin hat & ballistic vest off just yet.

    RE: Burn the Greenie, um, where do I start.

    1 Dreadlocks won’t burn and natural fibres won’t support a flame, so you’ll need an accelerant.

    2 Greenies come in many hues, from the greyish green of the old chook who got kicked out of the WA libs for fighting for the Kauri forests of WA, through to the flouro-green of the populist clue-free teeny boppers in 1st year @ uni.
    Somewhere in between is one of my personal heroes Dr. Bob Brown of the Taswegian Greens. He has said some pretty inflamatory things (possibly not the best word to use in this thread) but I see him as a patriot out to protect the natural assets of our nation and push forward a progressive agenda.
    So to paint all greens with the brush of their most extreme fellow travellers is a tad harsh.

    The EP&BC (Environmental Protection & Biodiversity Conservation) Act is a terribly convoluted piece of legislation. In places it seems to actually contradict itself. It’s so complex that if you ask 2 specialist lawyers you’ll get at least 4 opinions. Like that road to hell, it was drafted with much good intent. As I read it there is an intent to protect what little remnant vegetation we have left (estimates as low as .5 of 1% of Pre 1788 forest cover.)
    To date self regulation has been a laughable failure, so in stepped the Gubberment with a regulatory stick. It lumps much of the responsibility onto State & Local agencies, who being chronicly underesourced, tend to lean towards the nay rather than yey option.
    Most legislation refers to a reasonable persons test, so if you do X would a reasonable person agree that it was an appropriate thing to do.
    So bulldoze 15 acres of rainforest, you’re probably in the sh!t. Drop half a dozen trees to fire proof your house – no conviction your worship.

  16. There is some sense in what you say Bob. Chaz has referred to 100m clearance which on a 1/4 acre block in Kinglake is just not possible.

    People live in the area for the trees and that needs to be protected. That said, in my view councils have been completely off the planet in their view of what is reasonable and have put trees a long way before lives.

  17. He has said some pretty inflammatory things (possibly not the best word to use in this thread)

    NBOB..LMAO, i do however get where you are coming from, we will only Burn the FULL deep green bastards, all other Hues shall be spared

  18. Haven’t read all the comments so someone may have mentioned…but what about the asbestos dust from all the fibro in those old country houses?

  19. Abe , thats cool. Yeah, we have that one covered.

    I am also now aware the the EHO’sm which is Enviromental health Officers from all the councils are gathering and heading up. They are co ordinated by the MAV, which is the Municiple association of Victora. Co Ord body for all councils. But Frasers and Cleanaway are really up tp speed on this, its also a pet fav of mine as I deal with it all the time on site where I work. Nasty little bits, But yeah, I should be good, just a pain in the farking arse. Docon wil be an issue and then contam soil and water as well.

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