Duck Season is ON!, But I have Issues.

Ok, Been going to post on this for the last couple of days, ever since I found out, but events generally have been working against me.



Its TIME, yes folks…DUCK SEASON is ON.


It was announced earlier this week, that from the 21st of March we will have a season here in Victoria for the first time in three years, albeit a reduced in length one and with reduced / modified bag limits. 




I will elaborate further shortly, but first some background. Over the last three years the seasons have been cancelled due to a stagnation of the population of game waterfowl and a lack of water to shoot on or both a lack of water and reduced breeding habitat.


So this year, they have determined, that’s the gummite as a result of the advisory board who suggest it’s a GO!, we will have a season. Maximum number of game birds to be taken each day is 5. Normally this is TEN except for the opening day of the season, in which case it was 20 birds.


Now, if we have numbers that are UP or have increased across Australia and they decide yes. I can live with that. What I have a problem with is that we have FUCK ALL water on witch too shoot, this then means that what birds you do have, congregate on what little water we have, thus , now dragging every fucking shooter on the planet onto those waters. AM I STARTING TO BUILD A BAD PICTURE.


I hope so, because its also the gummits responsibility and NOT JUST THE SHOOTERS, to ensure its conducted safely. What we will have this year is DEATH to a HUMAN or HUMANS as a result of too  many hunters on too few swamps, then for good measure throw in some underage tree huggers and you have a recipe for disaster of epic fucking proportions.


What I should also point out, is that in the state of NSW, in which Duck season is banned, is that every year around December onward on the RICE FIELDs, Ducks are classified as VERMIN. WHY, well what happens is they sow the rice crops in and good old Mr Black duck or Pink eared duck or Teal or hell, maybe even Wood Duck, descend on them and basically eat the fucking paddies out over night. I SHIT YOU NOT, the sky almost goes black with the fuckers, they shoot and leave, they poison and fuck knows what else. ITS JUST A WASTE. Especially when I love the taste of wild duck.


I will not be going this year for the Victorian season.


Too little water and too many shooters on that water, I value my life and now have ZERO Value for the DNRE or Hunting Advisory committee.

Total fuckwits the lot of them. Talk about poor game management and almost guaranteeing that some poor bugger will get accidentally shot.


Fuckwits the lot of them..


10 thoughts on “Duck Season is ON!, But I have Issues.

  1. Your arguement makes a lot of sense and I think you are wise to avoid it this season.

  2. Not enough space, too many gun toting idiots, I would have issues too. Wonder which group of idiots are going to take the blame when someone gets hurt/killed?

  3. Leave the birds out of it and just use paintball guns.

    Do you need a permit?. If you do maybe they could limit the daily permits, or give each person a few days only and spread them out.

  4. Yep, I hear what you’re saying. We’re fortunate around my neck of the woods to have plenty of river bottom to hunt duck and harvested cornfields for geese. You’d love it here come October/November.

    Too many hunters+too little area=disaster. It’d be different if all hunters were smart and responsible, but all too many people treat hunting areas as free-fire zones.

    You don’t know anyone who has a little farm pond you could park a blind on, then? That’s a shame.

  5. Naut: Yes, I think I have made the right call, opening morning will be a zoo.

    Domestic, I reckon the Hunters will get it in the neck, but there is a Big talll bloke who has a penchant for the news and mow and is a tree hugging feral I would like too see get some lead in his arse. NOT DEAD, just fucking sore.

    MOKO: Paint ball, hmmm, If you get me a fully automatic belt fed paintball HMG, I just might convert. Yes , a permit is required for the season. and a bag limit is strictly enforced.

  6. Sounds like an accidental shooting or two is inevitable. Ain’t it weird how we have rice paddies in the driest continent on the planet. Just don’t add up to me. Neither does having all those water intensive cotton fields which drain the flows down to the Darling.
    I’ve feasted on wild duck before and agree that it is very tasty.
    But not worth getting blasted by some trigger happy feral loaded up on whisky and speed.

  7. Havock have you considered the possibility that they want an accident to justify not having duck season/cracking down on gun owners (again). I’m not paranoid, I can think like one though.
    I don’t know if the duck protesters are homo sapiens as arguing with a person with a gun who feels passionately about his legal pastime is not the action of some one thinking.

  8. Ah, get out there and give it a go! Get in ON, on the two way range. You’re bound to see something fucking funny!

  9. You could always come over to NZ Hav, plenty of stuff to shoot. Hunting seems to be more socially acceptable in NZ for some reason – almost on a par with fishing – certainly so in the South Island (which is rural as buggery so I guess that dictates social norms here.)

    Don’t mind a bit of game but not a chance would I be out there, not with Cletus McYeehaa and his nineteen cousins getting hopped up on shed-distilled two-stroke and blasting away at anything that moved. More hunters inevitably means more latecomer cowboys in it for the gratuitous violence rather than the sport.

  10. Bangar, I had thought of tht, I would not put it passed the bastards.

    Lerm, the young fella was to come out this time, First outing but I think not. LMAO..TWO WAY RANGE, long time since I heard that phrase. I HAVE gone a LONG WAY outta my way to screw over greenies, swamped their canoes, abused them flat out and in one case. A bloke shot a bird and it fell in some low weed. The three tree huggers rushed over and started looking, so did the shooter but he did not have a dog. I sent my lab over, about 80 meters and he ferreted around and found the bird. Didn’t I fucking rub it in and wave the bird about. I did give it to the other bloke who was Very appreciative.

    DOC Y, ITS ON ME LIST. Missed chasing trout last time I was there, which I was pissed off with, just not enough time.

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