u16-rep-side-winnersIts now about 2pm, I have finally surfaced. the boys WON the final Yesterday and being 16 years old and with Parental permission granted they had a few sherbets yesterday . well last night as well really. but we had them at a parents house under supervision. Nobody smashed themselves and they had a wicked time as a team. Now we have dropped them all down at the local pool ( as a team again) and they are just soaking up the whole win and team thing which i must say I am really please with.

The top side yesterday we played, had never batted first, so we put them in to bat. We bowled them out for 180 off just short of their 45 over allocation. we did however drop 4 catched, and they were at one stage 4 for 50 odd. But the boys kept at them.

Our lads batted, and did they bat well, we made the 180 off of only 35 over and for the loss of just 4 wickets, got some great shots and taking them to the ground and home as a team in the bus was a BLAST.

Couple of bones however. The ground that was selected by the association was FUCKED. Thats putting it mildly too. No creases marked out, no stumps and bails supplied, no toilets for the ladies unless they waled about 800,meters, no change rooms for the players they ground was crap in terms of surface, dangerous in some ares on the boundary line, undulating all over the place and BOTH teams coaches were going to tear the throat out of any VMC* arsehole who happened to appear.

Guess what, the President who specifically selected the ground did not front to present the trophy or winners medallions to the kids.

Whats one of my tasks this afternoon. Well it will be to compile a suitable acid and invective laden sheet of prose and forward such to the VMC*. Basically in havock speak, tear these fuckers a new arsehole. they deserve it, and the kids deserved a better ground for a Representative level cricket grand final.

The losers, well lets say, they were not happy, I think they arrived with a walkover in mind and their STAR batter was Caught and Bowled for 0, thats a DUCK, he walked off the field crying. Its cricket, Under 16’s and rep level. you need a little more toughness than that. But they were a fair side, SNOBBY, but that makes the win just that much sweeter I reckon.


14 thoughts on “WE WON!.

  1. roflmao HE cried?….no need to give that one shit. Store that away till next year. lol

    Congrats to the boys and yourself H. Nice one.

  2. That is fantastic. A big cheer for the boys. And it must be because they have such handsome coaches

  3. Naut, YD Thanks.

    Moko, yeah!, we pissed ourselves laughing, not real sporting but at this level COWBOY THE FUCK UP ..SOME at least.

    Lerm, ITS ALL the coaches.. nah, just good talent with pointers and they listen which is bloody great.

    Drej, NBOB, thanks as well.

    I picked the young fella up this morning, they didn’t trash dans house and cleaned up as well. Then all went to the pool. I think they are still on a high. OH and one other win i had as well. I have been quietly on his case the whole time we have been training and at out little party one of the kids came up and handed me his packet of ciggies. A WIN, a BIG WIN. I hope he leaves them well alone.

  4. Good one mate, and a good sign with teh cigs as well. So you’ll be buying soem champers at the meal then eh?

  5. He CRIED?!?! What a pussy. You should have done an Aussie version of the Tom Hanks line from A League of Their Own – “Are you crying? Are you crying? ARE YOU CRYING? There’s no crying! THERE’S NO CRYING IN CRICKET!”

    Congrats to you and your Boys … and don’t forget to remind them that coaching is 80% of the reason for their success.

  6. Hey Havock – nice work. Allowing a ration to the kids is probably something they’ll fondly remember.
    The lad who went “Ohh boo hoo, I got out for a duck.” He should have seen it as an opportunity to kick back for a while.

  7. Congrats indeed, well done all round. As to a drink when they turn eighteen they’re off the leash, so a bit of “practice” before hand can help moderate the damage of that.

  8. hey man! so this is where all the aussies are hangng out then?? how’s tricks??

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