Well, yesterday the boys batted poorly and were bowled out for 129 runs. 150 or better would have been good, but you take what you get. We would not have made even that many had our tail enders not done a great bloody job.  So when went into the field knowing its had to be tight and dot ball no run pressure applied to the other team.


They were cocky ( the other team that is). At one point we had them 4 / 12 off about 13 over and then they started to get away from the kids. BUT, the other side made a couple of blunders. Firstly they started to mouth off or sledge and to a western suburbs team of kids, its second nature , so the lads got right into them, FUCKING BEAUTIFULL. It got down to 3.5 runs required per over off the last 6 and they had 4 wickets in hand. then our guys stepped up a notch.


Enter a bowling spell from one of our medium pacers like i have not sen in a long time, a run out and wicked fielding and we bowled them out for 108. YES!, fucking YES, we play the grand final tomorrow at 10.00 AM somewhere out on Balwyn. The boys will be odds on favs I think. they know they have a job ahead, but by JFChrist if they do not do it I will be surprised.


cross ya fingers.


9 thoughts on “CRICKET. THEY are in the GRAND FINAL

  1. Well done and good luck. If i wasn’t laid up with the flu I would drop by for a look.

  2. The beauty of baseball and cricket-it ain’t over ’til it’s over! And anyone can be a hero, at least for one game! Nicely done!

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