Prince Harry & Racist remarks

Racist and Prince Harry.

Plenty of debate around the joint on HRH Prince Harry and his taped remarks about one of his squaddies, which I must say, had he not been HRH would have simply NOT RAISED ITS HEAD.

What is blindingly obvious is that within a small community people behave in a certain manner, this is especially so within the military. Now before we have people yelling and screaming that racist remarks are not to be tolerated anywhere and I am endorsing speech that is racist, JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP.

I am not, for one minute in favour, or condoning racists comments, what I am trying to get people who happen to sit in nice insulated offices, secluded for the most part from the nastiness that happens on this planet and who for the majority will never be placed in harm ways, is to see the comments in the environment and context in which they were delivered. OH and before I get the shit come my way on OFFICES and picking on that demographic, its not just them all the time either. There are plenty of Halfwits in other areas to.

I suspect quite strongly that the trooper would not have had an issue, I know from experience what type of remarks are delivered to each other in TEAM or Military environments and to say that the NORMAL WORLD would simply be mortified is understating it, SO FUCKING MUCH ITS NOT FUNNY.

That video, opened up a world most people do not see, there is a reason for that, they cannot deal with it and the way it generally operates. HRH Harry Should get a kick in the head for operating the video, other than that, unless the trooper is REALLY NOT HAPPY it’s a moot point.

I love the clarity of hind sight, throwing stones and criticising an environment in which the person delivering the acid laden holier than thou, thou shalt not verbiage has NO FUCKING IDEA.

We are so fucking rule and right orientated on this planet, that should you pass wind in a manner not legislated you have 200 arseholes on your case, god forbid if its in public or recorded and its an ACCIDENT, that’s, UN FUCKING INTENTIONAL for those halfwits to fucking dumb to wok it out.


12 thoughts on “Prince Harry & Racist remarks

  1. Those people should come and work where i work. Their ears would melt.
    What about the kerfuffle about the navy commander dude who was quoted in ralph as agreeing in principle with an affirmation by the journalist that perhaps hot navy women should wear bikinis in order to get more recruits. he didn’t bring it up. a journo from a mens mag asked a specific question and he said words to the effect of “might sound like a good idea but not practical”
    this planet is screwed

  2. HRH simply used the language and terms common to that group (the close confines of a military unit). Most groups and occupations have their own subset of language (engineer humor, for example) that may not sound ‘pc’ to an outsider. It’s always been that way.

    I don’t see the big deal.

  3. As usual the outrage is from people who don’t support the military and never will.

    These people have no idea of what military life is like. Also this was 2 years ago it’s not exactly breaking news is it?

  4. Same shit all the time H, when are you coming over to blogspot dude? I miss you and Barnesm

  5. guys, COLL, well, in this PC world perhaps not, But I was starting to think people didn’t get it and we was all ALONE.

    Rhino, good ta see ya mate, all’s well I hope.
    Bangar .Spot on.
    U, YD..correct. How people should listen, look and then ask the question…

    CHAZ..yeah ..I KNOW.

    Lerm, Right beside ya

    K: I will , crickets almost over. Soon babe,,,soon.xooxoxox

  6. I suspect quite strongly that the trooper would not have had an issue

    Ultimately you don’t actually know. A lot of racism gets passed of as “just me having a joke with me mate the @#$#@$” and “its okay for me to say it because he’s me mate” – except that’s generally the sort of shit that also gets said by bullies when they are caught out being bullies. The people that are the target of the bullying (and how many fucking inquiries do you need to tell you that bullying is endemic in many similar environments) rarely have any choice but to grit their teeth and put up with it.

    Is it all really necessary? Or are you saying that there should be a free pass to say the most racist shit that you like to someone from a different ethnic background as long as both of you are wearing a uniform? Because that’s what your argument seems to be – “say whatever you like – as long as you wear a uniform, you aren’t a racist”

    As I said on Birmo’s blog – most people who are racist would never ever consider themselves to be racist. Just because someone doesn’t think they aren’t being racist when making a racist remark doesn’t absolve them of what they’ve done. And people that have to be really careful are the ones that often find themselves prefacing what they are going to say with “I’m not racist but …”

    It serves the UK military, in its efforts to recruit excellent people from a multicultural UK, to have someone destined for high office spouting anything that makes it sound that racism is in any way tolerated by the organization.

  7. I almost cant wait for Cricket to be over, not much happening on blog spot but I miss you xoxoxoxxoxoxo


  8. Orin, I do understand where you are coming from, but some of the rules and PC requirements I think have been taken that far its not funny. you see it depends on the context, the environment and the people involved, then you could also argue its like being pregnant , being racists. You either are or you are not. Its a very difficult issue to deal with and given the prevalence I suspect is out there with sub sets of individuals, people get strung up as soon as the smallest item hits the air waves, eg harry.

    I recognize its still and issue , but wonder if in some societies and groups that have now been together for an extended period have we not migrated passed being offended and use these terms as almost an endearment type item. Affection or familiarity if you like in the close confines.

    But the really good thing is, that within these organisations we have the RULES and processes for people to air the offence and it is encouraged. We still in certain areas have a long way to go, but at times I think we definitely do overact.

  9. K, spanky good to see ya, yeah its been busy and I have been waaay to absent, but I shall return I promise. Funking finger on the hand is all swollen thaks to cricket and it hurts like a bitch, BUT wi shall soldier on, being made of stern stuff. Be good


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