Cricket, Coaching and the GABBA.

What a week. The boys have now lost two games and won 5, against teams from All over each Melbourne district. To put this in some perspective one of the district association we played, selects there team from over 30 club teams in Under 16’s competition. We on the other hand select from 5 teams. Not a bad effort if I don’t say so my self. Currently the lads are in second place, they played what might only be best described as a fucking shitfull game yesterday and lost. BUT, they bounced back today and won what was a make or break game really. So now we are in the semi finals on Friday.

Like a lot of comps, 1st place will play 4th place and 2nd place will play 3rd. We are in the latter. They should win, on paper and on field they are ranked by word of mouth as the best side in the comp. What’s even more interesting is our ground is the nest we have played on as well. And this leads me into another observation and discussion as a distraction of sorts.

I watched the 20/20 cricket on at the Gabba last night( Brisbane’s cricket and Footy Ground) and was DISGUSTED at the surface condition of the ground. OUR ground in the god dam bush is better and I shit you not. To have a international surface displayed to the world in that condition is nothing short of criminal. Both management and the ground staff at the GABBA want taking out and rooting with a sleeper post and NO LUBE for that one.

Its not like Brizzy land has had no RAIN lately. F Me, poor form does not even come close on this one, I do hope the players complain about the surface because what I sore last night was simply fucked, rooted and beyond a joke. Maybe JB needs to do a blunty on this one….

Anyways, the young fella is not doing too well with the bat but his Wicket keeping is Simply wicked, elegant and QUICK, but I did not say that. Another stumping today as well. The whole team played at their best today in the field in simply trying conditions, it was 32 at about 0900 on the ground in the SHADE. But they did well. All things being good I shall be pissed a mute on Sunday because they won…Cross ya fingers.


9 thoughts on “Cricket, Coaching and the GABBA.

  1. So Havock – where is my link hey? Are you coming to the Chaz/Bedak get together on 5th February? We need to get a photo of us all with the big stuffed Rhino head at the Carlton Hotel…

  2. H, even Marcela (who’s experience of cricket is purely 1 day tests) said she thought the Gabba wicket looked crap.

    Glad your team is still on a roll

  3. You I couldn’t believe the surface state either. Our local park looks better, dog turds n all.

  4. GBOB, I will this week update all the shite here. Bloody cricket is CONSUMING time somfin bloody HORRRRIBILE. Feb 5th and bedak and ferals and a stuffed Rhino HEAD..OH YES!.

    Chaz. Thanks, yeah glad I am not the only one.

    JB. Have they had any EVENTS on it. Sections looked like a Hair plug restoration joint had attacked it….NOT GOOD.

  5. There’s no excuse for a major league stadium to have a subpar playing surface. Sounds like the folks who run the Gabba need to get a new groundskeeper.

    Curious, anyone-do they play cricket on artificial turf?

    Good luck with the cricketeers, chief!

  6. YD, in terms of grounds and not the pitch, we have grass ( real only) for cricket. At top grade cricket, which starts at Turf for sub district, then goes up to district, rep, state and Australia they play on the TURF decks or Pitches. its real grass, with the shit rolled out of it, little water and FA grass on the surface.

    Below turf grade we have two types of cricket pitches or Decks as some call them. both are synthetic grass,. One is the new ALL WEATHER decks which are slightly bouncier than the older artificial decks as they are designed to be safe for footballers to play on. Most ground we have a dual purpose. cricket in summer and football in winter. Because the older synthetic pitches are harder and offer less impact absorption, they are covered with dirt in winter for football and the clubs try to get a covering of grass growing on them so they are not MUD, IF WE HAVE RAIN.

    The beauty of the all weather is NO dirst covering and less maintenance for the clubs. What also happens is that after successive seasons, the dirt around the edge of the pitches builds up, and is then higher than the pitch itself if not maintained correctly.

    BUT, given the GABBA’s access to water and I suspect lack of events recently on the ground, there is no reason why it should not be in pristine condition. DOES that help any or has it made it worse.

  7. Havock – yes stuffed Rhino head – with big pink poker dots all over it from hazy recollection!

    But then again maybe I was hallucinating…

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