HAVOCK UPDATE: Young fella’s cricket rep side.

OK, been coaching with the eldests rep cricket side. Its great to say that they are now 2nd on the ladder after 4 games having won three. The one they lost , they should have won and if we meet the same team in the semi’s I will put money on our lads. Eldest feral is keeping like a champin and very bloody switched on. You should have seen the one handed leg side catch he too yesterday…NICE. Anyways, its two days on and then a break and we have this weekend as a break. Then its two away games monday and Tuesday and by away I mean, VERMONT and EPPING from MELTON and then a home game on Wednesday. Thursday is a break and then we start Finals. Boys will almost be gaurenteed a spot, unless they lose the next three to all bottom sides. Not cocky, but as a team we bat to 10 and bowl to 11, not counting 12th man which can come on as a designated bowler. Its Under 16’s comp, and as competitive as hell. BUT our lads are KICKING GOD DAM ARSE and shocking the shit out of the MELBOURNE, we have 600 kids per district to pick from sides. NOT that i am biased mind you.


8 thoughts on “HAVOCK UPDATE: Young fella’s cricket rep side.

  1. Good luck in the lead into the playoffs! Sounds like your guys are beating up the league!

  2. Well done to the eldest lad – & I’d be a bit worried if they didn’t bowl to #11!

  3. well, the lads are going great guns, thanks guys. I will be back on line a bit more later, almost done…FAAAAARK.. HOT and dry and LONG DAYS…but good.

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