The Pondo’s NEW LUP.

Well, we did a while ago, build one set of shelves in the study ( LUP), but have for a while wanted to finish the job off and put in a new desk. Post all the Christmas and new years bloody merry go round things we commenced CONSTRUCTION.

This meant a clean out as well. I built a brand new set of shelves, painted them and the set that was already installed but NOT PAINTED and then built my new desk. Its all back together now, clean, a sexy as desk that if i do say so myself FUCKING ROCKS!, and all my books and what not are back up. data cabling installed and now the next project looms large. CAT5E to the balance of the house, this will stop having two monster cables running down the hall way. I also want to pre run data for the shed up the back, and also run data to the existing shed which is part of the house. WHY!, well, this will become a media room of sorts i think, once the new shed is up.


ANYWAYS..I have them all up at Flickr, heres the link which i hope like hell works.

if not its havock21 to look for at Flickr. see how ya go.


14 thoughts on “The Pondo’s NEW LUP.

  1. Looks great mate.
    that safe looks small enough to pick up and seal – do you have it bolted in?

  2. moko: thanks mate. Yeah I’m pretty stoaked with the desk. Thought it would be a nice contrast to the white shelves.

    U: Its bolted to the wall and the desk top, if the fuckers can rip it out…good luck to the bastards.

  3. The Havock Cave looks awesome! I’ve got that same edition of Trivial Pursuit and some of the Time/Life WWII books around somewhere as well.

    Nice work with the shelves.

    You need a model somewhere, perhaps a 1/35 scale M1 tank or a 1/35 Mortar Crew.

  4. HELLO there I emailed you a permission to my blog GET your skinny ass moving boy! That goes for Chaz too (dude you need to send me an email)

  5. The LUP looks tres chic. If you are ever up North you’ll be taken POW and forced to labour on bringing the Cesspit up to speed!
    A very nice job.

  6. Bastid … looks awesome. Nice work.

    Quick question though … how come you are still laying CAT5? Why not go wireless? I have the wireless connection for all of our PC’s and the XBox and it works great and eliminates all of those damned cables the HLDW used to bitch about.


  7. Nat, thanks, its taken a while, but TIME is the bloody killer here. Thansk.

    Lori, I thought I did, I shall check it out spanky and FIX ASAP.

    LERM, man good to see ya, thought you were AWOL.. there for a bit.. Yeah gotta get me shit together and get north,,,soon I hope.

    RHINO..ya big feral. I went cat 5 co’s I had a BIG BOX or TWO of it. The moden I have is a 4 port, plus wireless. The plan is to centralise everything, but the eldest uses the wireless for the laptop and the young bolke as well.

    We found if they were downloading and all three were on-line it got slow, and thats with telstras 25GB plan per month. Shortly the in wall cables will be connected up by a mate…..IT WAS CHEAP!

  8. Yeah, I have cable runs to everywhere on the list for my place. Wireless is good for laptops, phones and other portable devices, but it really makes sense for stationary stuff to be wired.

    Need ant-proof cable for the run to the back shed though (erm, that’s you and me both, H) or some sort of equivalently hardened/poisoned/irradiated conduit.

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