New XBOX details & Christmas

Well, as i got to play santa again I bought the boys another XBOX for christmas and some games, I fugured the cook wouldn’t mind, it gives them one each and all the benefits that come with that..( Less fucking fighting). BUT. I did not know she had planned and bought one for me!. YEP, I AM A GOD>


SO, imagine my surprise chrissy morning, pretty bloody happy actually. So upon getting home its out with the cat 5 cables and connectors, plug all into the moden ( 4 port ) thank god and sign up etc. ALL ON LINE. Wasted all day saturday and some of sat night as well. Just about XBOXED OUT.

Chrissy was good up home ( Horsham), hot and thats a reason for some visits and a few sherbets at each stop. Caught up with relies i have not seen for way too long, which was just awsome and they were shocked to see the boys as well.  NO SPEEDING TICKETS either which is a major accomplishment in itself.


SO my new gamer tag is havock21 with the XBOX, which is cool and I am now earning back all my credits and unlocks because that was done on the eldests profile. I miss my MG3…bastards


21 thoughts on “New XBOX details & Christmas

  1. Oooh, I so need another enjoyable time waster. 🙂

    On the Outer Marches

  2. Excellent mate, three 360’s! makes death matches that much easier!!

    nearly finsihed Fallout 3 and have maxed out on the levels and not all of the wastes explored! not that happy..oh well expansions coming along over the next few months

  3. murph, its…um….Hand eye co ordinations……

    Nat….OH YES, we have given it a flogging, and CHAZ, we have death matched. They…( the monsters) handed me my head. Gotta get some more disks of BFB company, they are kicking my arse in COD4

  4. Where in the world is Barnesm and Guru Bob? H we need to send out a search team, time to regroup and RIDE hell bent for zombies and the emerald forest

    Happy New Year XOXO

  5. happy new years ya ferals, good to see ya Flint, K, Drej, U.

    Sorry been constructing a new desk and more shelves in the study…ITS WAAAAAY Fucking wicked . I see Jb up and running well. DOUBLE fucking wicked.

    U: Its havock21 on xbox, look for the legend with the 416, 12g or MG32….I’ll be doing all the killin.

  6. ” look for the legend with the 416, 12g or MG32….I’ll be doing all the killin.” HAVOCK21 said this on 02/01/2009 at 12:50 pm.

    Word from the eldest is that you are the one that does a lot of weeping like a little girl, running away bleeding & autofrag.

  7. Simon, good to see ya. yeah..HIT THE FRIDGE. I finished the study construction, the LUP looks fucking wicked. Will post soon some pics when I remember my Flickr account details.

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