Sorry BBA, I accidently deleted the god dam post with your comment.


What else. Well, no more bastards have cut any lights which is a good thing, shopping for the ferals has been completed and midday tomorrow we jet for the Bush. THAT means i will be home in time to pop down to the pub and catch up with a few mates. COOL.


Is it just me or is it slow here as well at times. Not much else happening, got a pile of reading material from the Sea power site for the RAN to read through and just as big a pile of reading from the ADF’s, Land Warfare Studies Center as well. Which will keep me going until Birmo gets his shit together and releases his next installment of Without warning. Sooner rather than later JB ….PLEASE.


10 thoughts on “Big OOOOPS

  1. You are forgiven Mr Havock. Good to see you are no longer MIA.

    Have a good Christmas. All the best to You and you Family.

  2. K, i’m posibly with ya. I got an e/mail asking me to moderate…JFC…Whats with all these Politically correct ferals that are wordsmith and oponion NAZIS’s

  3. You got an email asking you to do what?????????????

    Good to see you, by the way.

  4. Yeah, come on up, tough guy. We got ol’ General Winter on our side here. You’ll be frozen long before you make the front door.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  5. Abe, man, good to see ya. Yeah SANTA was a very kinda sheila…very!. Hope you did too and the Tribe is all well. rgds

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