Well, its kind of been discussed at length really and the very short version, I’d have sent in the SAS and prolly the commandos as well with two things to do.

Capture or rescue if you like the two boys before they were shot ( murdered is a better fkn word really ) and secondly to brass up all those oh so fkn tough arsehats parading about in front of the TV.

Now what would that have done for relation…..WELL FK INDONESIA, FK’EM FK’EM AND DOUBLE FK’EM and NO more fkn AID!

Dinner at the POOROYAL in the MarshH. FKN SHIT!

they said its MORE fkn upmarket.
40 fkn minutes for dinner to be services. Smallest fkn fish for Mrs H I have EVER seen and fkn no idea whjhat it was. Scooters Parma ( trhe menus options were small and fkn shit too) WAS DRY, the PEPPER sauce has about three fkn peppers in it, same as mine. CHIPS…well they were wedges, but when questioned the waitres aid NO!..they are HAND CUT CHIPS…ER. FK OFFF they are HAND FKN CUT FKN WEDGES and Wedges and chips are about 400 fkn miles apart. Salad..well it was pox as well. Way toolong, way to fkn arrogant and . ITS A SMALL TOWN PEOPLE..WE WONT BE BACK and I wont fkn reccomend it either. 100.00 bucks with DISCOUNT for being pissed off . Still waaaaay fkn too much in my view. Wasnt packed either.

And cos it took so fkn long we had 5 fkn pots. NEVER had too do that before. And the Garlic bread, well it was toasted to FKN DEATH, WAS FKN HARD, HARD to fkn eat and small and well………….FKD TOO IMHO!.

what wpould I do. I’d fix that joint.

FROM FUCKING ORBIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Its fkn laughable..well it would be if it were not for so tragic a circumstances, so I will just add some numbers.

Close to Ukraine is…what, Belgium, Germany, Swiss, Frogs and FKN HEAPS of other fkrs who for years planned how they would stop the ruskies. Well all those armies, those troops, I’ll bet none would have an issue with being deployed into the Ukraine to facilitate the bodies being removed and if they happened to slap some of the fkn retards in balaclava’s as well and that fat fkr on TV with the busted arse fkn head and shit!…So much the better I would think.


I’d have deployed a fk load of troops. The fact the other Euro states have done FA fkn sickens me. The rebels in my opinion need slapping, thats a fight for another day. BUT TROOPS SHOULD BE ON THE GROUND, its waaay to fkn long, have them there, backed by fkn everything so the first time one of the rebel groups has a crack, they FLATTEN THE FKRS!…OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!