Its fkn laughable..well it would be if it were not for so tragic a circumstances, so I will just add some numbers.

Close to Ukraine is…what, Belgium, Germany, Swiss, Frogs and FKN HEAPS of other fkrs who for years planned how they would stop the ruskies. Well all those armies, those troops, I’ll bet none would have an issue with being deployed into the Ukraine to facilitate the bodies being removed and if they happened to slap some of the fkn retards in balaclava’s as well and that fat fkr on TV with the busted arse fkn head and shit!…So much the better I would think.


I’d have deployed a fk load of troops. The fact the other Euro states have done FA fkn sickens me. The rebels in my opinion need slapping, thats a fight for another day. BUT TROOPS SHOULD BE ON THE GROUND, its waaay to fkn long, have them there, backed by fkn everything so the first time one of the rebel groups has a crack, they FLATTEN THE FKRS!…OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!




OH the Fire Season is here!

So now I see plenty in the media, and thats fair, NSW is copping a fkn pasting at the moment. I mentioned to a few folks about a month ago, how I had noticed that so LITTLE FKN BURNING OFF BY THE RETARDED FKN GUMMIT had taken place.

WHY..well I lay their reluctance at the FEET of the extensive fkn retarded ned shooting treeeeee hugging fkn ratard community. And this year seems to be far worse than others. Ill wager in NSW NO significant burning off has taken place or…like is listed in the Melbourne AGE, they plan on doing it NEXT MONTH…..LIKE….WTF you fkn idiots you leave it toooo fkn late every year and do too fkn little.