OH the Fire Season is here!

So now I see plenty in the media, and thats fair, NSW is copping a fkn pasting at the moment. I mentioned to a few folks about a month ago, how I had noticed that so LITTLE FKN BURNING OFF BY THE RETARDED FKN GUMMIT had taken place.

WHY..well I lay their reluctance at the FEET of the extensive fkn retarded ned shooting treeeeee hugging fkn ratard community. And this year seems to be far worse than others. Ill wager in NSW NO significant burning off has taken place or…like is listed in the Melbourne AGE, they plan on doing it NEXT MONTH…..LIKE….WTF you fkn idiots you leave it toooo fkn late every year and do too fkn little.

FUCKING RECRUITING AGENCY’S : A very very one way street!

Recruiters and a very very one way street

Unfortunately I find myself once again looking for employment. This time around however, we  are significantly ahead of the curve, the CV was prepped, we hit all the recruiters hard and fast, Cover letters for all positions applied for and its be done via my white board, excel and various Company websites job application tracking systems.

I’ll wager I am like most, when you craft a cover letter it takes a fair amount of time, all criteria in the advertisement need to be covered off, broadly if possible additional info is wormed into the letter, the letter needs to feel and look right and then, only then can it be attached and dispatched. This however is one part of the process, contacting the recruiters, meeting with them and then following them up…………….and about here is where it can tend to depart from what I now consider to be acceptable.

1)  If I take the time to apply via your very sexy web based job system, you can at least do me the bloody courtesy of sending me an e/mail when I am unsuccessful.

2)  Likewise, when I apply via e/mail, you can still do the same, I really do not care if you have had 200 applicants, but I’ve spent a lot of time doing the right thing..so why should the recruiter or HR person be exempt from such manners. This process can be a standard reply back.

3)  Telephone calls. I was shocked the other day, I contacted a recruiter whom I had not had any correspondence with for three weeks, either written or verbal and the shit had the audacity to tell me that he would call me if anything popped up, nothing happening at the moment and was short to the point of being rude. Now I am not sure if he is aware, but it’s a small world out there …… and he’s made it to the top of MY LIST!

4) The FAKE JOBS being advertised and when you call up about them you get the “sorry it’s filled” or the “that should not still be up” or no response from the e/mail what so ever. Its false advertising, it’s fraudulent in my opinion and they should be taken to task about this practice…its deceitful.

Some are going to suggest that this little tirade is a product of exasperation or some form of minor mental breakdown, well rest assured it’s not. It’s a fairly reasonable dose of annoyance, disappointment and frustration all rolled into one solid gold baked…..TurD that I find the vast majority of the RECRUITMENT SPACE TO BE.

I have about 10 names on my recruiters list, they all know me and I know them, the others…and some are MAJOR PLAYERS are simply not worth the cash they receive or any props afforded them by candidates in my opinion. The industry needs regulation I think, I’m not sure if it’s capable of it to be honest, they certainly like having their “RECRUITER OF THE YEAR AWARDS” and the really fluffy stuff.

Yet, the shonky practices that abound in the industry do not appear to be getting stamped out!


FKN ARSE LICKING, shifty as bastards that need to be taken out back and flogged within an inch of their worthless fkn lives!